32 Photos - Apr 4, 2014
Photo: Community Radio, Kindia, Guinée.jpgPhoto: FSCA Project, Sierra LeonePhoto: Community Video projection, Sierra LeonePhoto: Participatory Video Session, The GambiaPhoto: Participatory Video Session, The GambiaPhoto: Participatory Photography Exhibition, GuineaPhoto: Community meeting regarding FSCA Project, GuineaPhoto: Community Radio, GuineaPhoto: Participatory Video, GuineaPhoto: Participatory Photography, GuineaPhoto: Participatory Photography, GuineaPhoto: Rural Radio, GuineaPhoto: Family listening to community radio, GuineaPhoto: Participatory Video, CSDI Project, CongoPhoto: FSCA/PISA Project, The GambiaPhoto: FSCA/PISA PRoject, The GambiaPhoto: FSCA/PISA ProjectPhoto: Participatory VideosPhoto: Community meeting under Palaver treePhoto: Interview of community membersPhoto: Participatory MappingPhoto: Photo: CSDI project, CongoPhoto: Congo LandscapePhoto: Rural radio and community meetingPhoto: Community meetingPhoto: Community meetingPhoto: Photo: Girl explaining the meaning of the drawings she has taken for the Participatory Drawings Exhibition at the Reastitution. Boys and girls were asked to describe their village, its problems and its achievements through drawingsPhoto: Radio Bubusa FM distribution de kits solairesPhoto: Radio Bubusa FM distribution de radios solairesPhoto: Radio Bubusa FM vue de loin