50 Photos - Oct 6, 2013
Photo: Rei Martinez fails to evade Jamie Ratcliff's tagPhoto: Bracknell vs NationalsPhoto: Bracknell look to score as the ball is thrown inPhoto: Henry Collins (Bracknell) looking at the signPhoto: Edwin Alcantara (Nationals) grimmacesPhoto: Safe at secondPhoto: Tomas Zondra (Soton)Photo: National congratulate Matt Gilbert for getting out of inning against BracknellPhoto: Jordan Edmonds (Bracknell)Photo: Edwin Alcantara (Nationals)Photo: Maikel Azcuy (Nationals)Photo: Dave Smith watches the Nationals-Bracknell gamePhoto: Reflection of field in helmetPhoto: Jarrod Pretorius (Nationals)Photo: Luis Goncalves (Nationals)Photo: Bracknell mound conferencePhoto: Nationals benchPhoto: Roberto Almanzar (Nationals)Photo: Catch in the Bracknell outfieldPhoto: Jamie Ratcliff (Nationals) surveys the fieldPhoto: Henry Collins (Bracknell)Photo: Maikel Azcuy (Nationals) after a throwPhoto: Marty Cullen (Nationals)Photo: Bracknell infield practicePhoto: Oscar Sierra (Soton)Photo: Scoreboard at HertsPhoto: A good crowdPhoto: Kimi Saionji (Soton) deep in thoughtPhoto: Dust at secondPhoto: Pop-upPhoto: Richard Bibby (Soton) at batPhoto: The crowd behind third at GrovehillPhoto: Alberto Rodriguez (Soton)Photo: Gary Davison (Soton) studies his bat after a long foul ballPhoto: An argued callPhoto: Frozen in timePhoto: BullpenPhoto: Liam Carroll prepares the infield at Farnham ParkPhoto: National line up before the semi-finalPhoto: Herts line up before the semi-finalPhoto: Huddles before the second semi-finalPhoto: Out at firstPhoto: Robbie Unsell (Herts)Photo: Southampton in high spirits before the finalPhoto: National final umpires (Hare, Muller, Nordwall, Anderson)Photo: Plate conference for the national finalPhoto: First pitch in the first Farnham Park national finalPhoto: Super-fanPhoto: Marty Cullen receives the trophy for the NationalsPhoto: Bracknell players watch the game