28 Photos - Oct 5, 2012
Photo: Marty Cullen receives trophy from Nick Hadley with Ian MarchmentPhoto: Nationals line-up for game onePhoto: George Lintern batting (game one, bottom of the sixth)Photo: Second Mets reliever in game one tries a pick-offPhoto: Maikel Azcuy flies out to centre (game one, bottom of the sixth)Photo: Edwin Alcantara takes a hack (game one, bottom of the sixth)Photo: Jarrod Pretorius flies out to right (game one, bottom of the sixth)Photo: George Lintern (middle) and Maikel Azcuy (left) celebrate after 5-4 play seals 1-run victory in game one, with Jarrod Pretorius approachingPhoto: Michael Osborn pitches to Richard Bibby in game twoPhoto: Oscar Sierra steals second safely ahead of Unsell's tag in game twoPhoto: Oscar Sierra goes out to talk to a frustrated Alberto RodriguezPhoto: Ryan Bird fights off a pitch in game twoPhoto: Michael Osborn follows his pitch in game twoPhoto: Darrin Ward sits on a pitch in game twoPhoto: Robbie Almanzar surveys the warm-up before game threePhoto: Jarrod Pretorius looks pensive before the start of game threePhoto: Darrin Muller (umpire) and Darrin Ward (pitcher) in game threePhoto: George Lintern slides back to second base, manned by Kimiyoshi Saionji, on pick-off attemptPhoto: Luis Goncalves strokes a double to right-centre in game threePhoto: Kevin Niedringhaus watches play from third while Luis Goncalves takes a lead in game threePhoto: Jamie Ratcliff in game threePhoto: Phil Clark in game threePhoto: Brendan Cunliffe on his way to the save in game threePhoto: Ryan Bird in game threePhoto: Jarrod Pretorius secures the last out in game threePhoto: Gian-Luca Ciuppani in game fivePhoto: Grant Delzoppo tries to thwart a base-stealerPhoto: Jordan Farkas in game three