58 Photos - Sep 26, 2010
Photo: Trophy on table awaiting the winnersPhoto: Reiniel Martinez (Bracknell)Photo: Brendan Cunliffe (Bracknell) takes catch after dash from first basePhoto: FeetPhoto: Ed Jeffrey (Bracknell) sees Ryan Bird (Richmond) heading for platePhoto: Chris Cook's tattooPhoto: Leo Nogami (Bracknell) seeing who wants the ball watched by Franklin Perez (Richmond)Photo: Matt Maitland (Bracknell) driving the ball watched by Grant Delzoppo (Richmond)Photo: Cody Cain (Richmond) warming upPhoto: Ryan Bird (Richmond)Photo: Brendan Cunliffe (Bracknell) gets hit by the pitchPhoto: Glove on fencePhoto: Henry Collins (Bracknell) leaves a low pitchPhoto: Run-downPhoto: ScoreboardPhoto: Cody Cain (Richmond) leaves pitchPhoto: Gary Davison (Southampton)Photo: Grant Delzoppo (Richmond) takes a ballPhoto: Petter Nordwall signals a strike-outPhoto: Leo Nogami (Bracknell) and Ryan Bird (Richmond) collidePhoto: Bracknell players look onPhoto: Grant Delzoppo (Richmond) is beaten by throw to first taken by Brendan Cunliffe (Bracknell)Photo: London Mets return from batting practice as Ryan Bird (Richmond) checks footing on moundPhoto: Robbie Unsell pitching watched by Carlos Manchino (Richmond)Photo: Ed Jeffrey (Bracknell)Photo: Carlos Manchino (Richmond) watches from the on-deck circlePhoto: Robbie Unsell (Richmond) vaults over an obstacle at the platePhoto: Mike Trask receiving advice from catcher Ed Jeffrey (Bracknell)Photo: Ben Davis (Southampton) avoiding errant pitchPhoto: Relaxing after the gamePhoto: Dew on first morningPhoto: Chuck Truelson (Southampton)Photo: Jonathon Cramman (London)Photo: Matt Hesterburg (London) asks for clarification from Thomas HaywoodPhoto: Box of ballsPhoto: Daniel Williams (London) prepares for arrival of Chuck Truelson (Southampton)Photo: Oscar Sierra (Southampton)Photo: Scoreboard after no-hitter by Reid Wilson (London) against SouthamptonPhoto: Phil Clark (left) and Jason Roberts (right) watch from London benchPhoto: Bryan Anderson (London) pitching watched by team-mate Rob Anthony and Richmond base-runner Marty VisserPhoto: The Stars and StripesPhoto: Michael Osborn (Richmond)Photo: Will Lintern (London)Photo: Geoff Hare signals the countPhoto: Alberto Casciello (London) appeals to Darrin Muller for the outPhoto: Darrin Muller signals the countPhoto: George Naumczik (Richmond)Photo: Chuck Truelson (Southampton) sets off for firstPhoto: Jamie Ford (Bracknell) disagrees with Robbie Unsell (Richmond)Photo: Low view of moundPhoto: Matt Maitland (Bracknell)Photo: Jason Roberts (London) delivers one of 172 pitches in 10-inning complete-game lossPhoto: Henry Collins (Bracknell) delivers one of 223 pitches in 10-inning complete-game winPhoto: Foliage in left-field foul territoryPhoto: Brendan Cunliffe (Bracknell) swinging at ballPhoto: Will Lintern congratulates Jason Roberts (London)Photo: Rob Rance congratulates Ryan Trask (Bracknell) after home runPhoto: What a video screen might look like if they existed in British baseball