63 Photos - Aug 16, 2012
Photo: Junior Lifeguard Monster MilePhoto: Photo: Katy Perry MonstersPhoto: Photo: Photo: oh look, it's a Real Housewife!Photo: herding the Monsters while mom watches from the pierPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: lunch at Ruby's, with a visitorPhoto: Photo: bird is the wordPhoto: Photo: a bike ride on the boardwalk justifies those burgers we had at lunch, right?Photo: some culture of a different sortPhoto: sommmmmme pig!Photo: I love this idea! wanna grow gourds on our deck tooPhoto: Photo: the Grand Parade of Lifeless PackagingPhoto: want!Photo: srsly?Photo: ummmmwhathuh?Photo: I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouthPhoto: good thing it's totally fried, 'cuz if were only partially fried that'd just be wrongPhoto: oh THAT'S how you know they're freshPhoto: now I did throw up a little bit in my mouthPhoto: pile of smoky meat!Photo: you must be *this* psychotically deranged to ride this ridePhoto: false advertising! riding this ride will not get you a date with strippers!Photo: ...but it may make you hurlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Queen of the Ferris Wheel!Photo: ehmmmmm, OK...Photo: minions!Photo: straight outta 1953Photo: Photo: aliens go in, but they can't get outPhoto: oh wait, one got out!Photo: cameltoePhoto: sheep pornPhoto: Alaskan Racing Pigs... could not make this s**t up if I tried...Photo: and they jump, too!Photo: unfortunate position next to the pig racingPhoto: not sure how I feel about green hot dogs, even if they are cute like DomoPhoto: wait a minute! pretty sure red velvet funnel cakes are not authentically PA DutchPhoto: Photo: so wrong, on so many levelsPhoto: even wrongerPhoto: Photo: not only will we eff up your colon, we'll also eff up your spelling!Photo: totally hipsterPhoto: using cute girls to shill your product does not make it rightPhoto: for a hot minute I actually thought this was Def Leppard, and not just a tribute bandPhoto: Photo: giant wall of fake chocolate? not fair, Fair!Photo: now we're talkin'Photo: nutella crepe consumed too fast to be captured on cameraPhoto: total stoner foodstandPhoto: Photo: and a Motley Crue tribute band, too!Photo: