101 Photos - Dec 30, 2011
Photo: Photo: The Flailing TreePhoto: Springtime Meadow © Clive HaynesPhoto: 'The Secret Place'  © Clive HaynesPhoto: Exmoor Grasses and Pheasant (© Clive Haynes)Photo: Grazing on Exmoor (© Clive Haynes)Photo: Exmoor Woodland (© Clive Haynes)Photo: Woodland Edge (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Old Silver-mine, Mid-Wales, UK (Clive Haynes)Photo: Mountain meadow (Clive Haynes)Photo: Church & Lake, Arlington Court (Devon, UK) V2 (Clive Haynes)Photo: Urban Olive (Clive Haynes)Photo: End of the Trail (Clive Haynes)Photo: Abandoned Farm, Cwm Pennant, Wales (UK)  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Chateau de Losse (Dordogne, France)  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Zephyr  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Church & Lake, Arlington Court, Deveon (UK)  (Clive Haynes)Photo: ThePony and The Mountain Trail (Clive Haynes)Photo: Abandoned Shed (Clive Haynes)Photo: Chateau de Losse (Clive Haynes)Photo: Mysterious Chateau (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Pathway to Avalon (Clive Haynes)Photo: Home Before the Storm (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Havester (Clive Haynes)Photo: Gateway to the Church on the HillPhoto: ‘Graveyard's End - Llanfaelrhys – Wales’ (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Tree and the Lake (Clive Haynes)Photo: 'Farmstead' (Clive Haynes)Photo: Tranquility (Clive Haynes)Photo: Bringsty Common (Clive Haynes)Photo: Burdock in Sliver (Clive Haynes)Photo: 'Overgrowth'  (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Ancient Oak (Clive Haynes)Photo: Worcester Cathedral and River Severn (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Remnant (Clive Haynes)Photo: Photo: Ross-on-Wye (Clive Haynes)Photo: Epitaphs (Clive Haynes)Photo: Derelict Farm, Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia Clive Haynes)Photo: Photo: Nemeton (Clive Haynes)Photo: Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia, Wales (Clive Haynes)Photo: Cwm Pennant (Clive HaynesPhoto: Moment (Clive Haynes)Photo: Photo: Photo: The Tree and the Wall (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Lake - Spetchley Park (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Explorers - Lisbon (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Tube (Clive Haynes)Photo: Botanical Gardens, Lisbon, PortugalPhoto: Old Lisbon (Clive Haynes)Photo: Sky Fantastic over Worcester (UK) (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Tree and The farm (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Swan and The Lake (Clive Haynes)Photo: Lisbon LinesPhoto: 'The Old Boat-House'  02 (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Old Boat-House (Clive Haynes)Photo: The Shimmering Tree (Clive Haynes)Photo: Pirton Landscape (Clive Haynes)Photo: Lakeside (Clive Haynes)Photo: Waterside Grove (Clive Haynes)Photo: Unicorn Wood (Clive Haynes)Photo: Eglise de Cabanac and Vineyards (Clive Haynes)Photo: Broadway Tower (Clive Haynes)Photo: Host the Departed  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Scotney Castle  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Lock Island, Worcester, UK  (Clive Haynes)Photo: 'The Magic Tree'  (Clive Haynes _1151)Photo: Cock 'O the Roost (Clive Haynes)Photo: Maillezais Abbey (Clive Haynes)Photo: Le Vieux Moulin à Vent (Clive Haynes)Photo: 'Shattered Sentinel'  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Fladbury Panorama  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Welsh Graveyard (Clive Haynes)Photo: Abandoned Farm, WalesPhoto: Ritual MomentPhoto: A Worcestershire LandscapePhoto: 'Brociliande'  (Clive Haynes)Photo: Riverside Mood 01  Water MeadowsPhoto: Riverside Mood 02Photo: Riverside Mood 03Photo: Riverside Mood 04Photo: Riverside Mood 05Photo: 'The Hide-away'Photo: Here's an image for #InfraredFriday curated by +Paula Cobleigh (myself) and +Ingo Schobert
A rather different treatment.
Title 'Troopers'.
My Website: crhfoto.co.ukPhoto: Photo: Tractor GraveyardPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Woodland Edge (Clive Haynes)Photo: 'Rotting Away' is another IR photo from my recent 'Hulks' series with Topaz Black & White Effects (Split-toning & Border).  B&W Effects is currently on offer at Topaz - see my website for Coupon Code.