34 Photos - Aug 11, 2008
Photo: Guess which way you're supposed to goPhoto: Team Meat cooking their dinner. Today's menu: A cowPhoto: Dan loves Cow!Photo: Playing cards while waiting for the rain to go awayPhoto: Justin the living sign post. Sorry but I forgot what the directions you pointed to.Photo: Meadows and clowdsPhoto: colorful flowersPhoto: Photo: Happy People in the rainPhoto: Michael pole dancingPhoto: doesn't this one look like a monster?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jumping thought the meadowsPhoto: Jumping thought the meadowsPhoto: Jumping thought the meadows - Dan losing his cameraPhoto: Photo: one red flower between the purple onesPhoto: Hot TubPhoto: Garibaldi LakePhoto: Chris: Garibaldi Lake is here
Emily: But our campsite is herePhoto: Garibaldi LakePhoto: Battleship IslandPhoto: Everyone say SUNSHINEPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cyn taking picturesPhoto: Party Tent Uhhhhhhhhh
(my camera couldn't capture the other 5 people that were hiding in this 2 person tent)Photo: PARTY TENTPhoto: Photo: The CrewPhoto: Awesome job taping my heels, my shoes started "eating" my heels at about 2 km into the multi day hiking trip