38 Photos - Mar 27, 2012
Photo: I asked Jules to be in charge of the shopping list...so she stuck it on herself...That is a 4 year old for ya! After talking to the preschool teacher and Jules, we decided to host a fun and fabulous egg hunt for my daughters preschool class, complete with Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants and Colgate! Our list included toothbrushes, plastic eggs, one GIANT egg, and some party favor-type items. Since this hunt was all about promoting good dental care, I wanted to steer clear of too much candy...but yes, there was some on the list.Photo: On our way to Walmart to buy some Easter goodies. It rained all morning...but look at the sky now!Photo: My cuties...they are always ready to help shop!Photo: The sun is shining on Walmart!
Hello there Walmart! Hope you have some Easter Fun in there! This was just a quick trip...to get some items for my daughters preschool class celebration and to see what is new...and of course to buy some Colgate Nickelodeon toothbrushes!Photo: Nothing like sass in the produce section. In reality Ms. Jules was very excited to hit the dental hygiene aisle and select some Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants
toothbrushes for her classmates.Photo: There is the section I need...Health and Beauty...Heading on over, hoping to find that Colgate Nickelodeon displayPhoto: There is quite a selection of mouthwash at this Walmart, especially considering the aisle is not very big.Photo: I truly have a thing for toothbrushes - I love the way a new toothbrush feels...Look at all of those color and styles.Photo: The adult toothbrush selection is decent. I would totally use a Spongebob toothbrush for adults.Photo: Water flossers, water piks...Walmart had a good selection of "electronic" oral care devices.Photo: Colgate tooth brushes. This is actually our preferred brand for toothpaste and toothbrushes at home...I always buy pink for myself.Photo: I will have to say the kids toothbrush section was a bit of a mess and quite picked over.Photo: Hello there SpongeBob! I found the Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants toothbrushes right away...but never found a Colgate Nickelodeon display...and I looked on 2 different trips!Photo: And there are the Dora toothbrushes. There were singles and value packs with 2 brushes.Photo: A Dora and Diego pack to make the boys and girls happy!Photo: Jules was excited to grab some Spongebob and Dora toothbrushes. She loves a new toothbrush (for real!).Photo: My kids have no issues brushing...but the flossing is another story and my little one needs some help. I have never seen this flosser before with the long handle...I like that.Photo: A hands-free toothpaste dispenser - that just looks like fun! I had no idea such a thing existed...and with Dora and Spongebob, brushing is much more fun!Photo: Yeah for Colgate! We love our Colgate toothpaste.Photo: We need 13 toothbrushes for the class (but I purchased a few more for some siblings). There were only 2 single Spongebob brushes and a few more Dora, so I picked up the Value Pack and wrapped each in food safe bags. The value pack was a great price too!Photo: So many kinds of toothpaste for kids...The Dora and Spongebob is quite popular. I picked up a tube of each...but it was not in the cards to get a tube for each child.Photo: $1.00 for Colgate Junior...WOW!Photo: Spongebob has bright shiny teeth! Good brushing Spongebob.Photo: We have tried these toothbrushes before and they are my sons favorite.Photo: There is our Colgate...Grabbing 3 tubes and tossing them in the cart!Photo: So many kinds of floss!Photo: Perhaps some Spongebob party favors for our hunt? I am keeping this activity simple...but what kid doesn't love some fun napkins?Photo: Of course there was a stop in the Easter aisle! The chocolate bunnies lured us in. I actually try not to overwhelm the kids with candy for Easter...but now we have new toothbrushes too!Photo: We did head to the Easter/seasonal section...and Jules zoomed right in on these. Ring pops are Ms. Jules's favorites.Photo: Jelly beans...a spring staple, right? I know the dentist would not like that - sticks to the teeth too much!Photo: Really, is there anything cuter than a pink peep.Photo: Cute blue bunny peeps!Photo: So, we escaped the candy aisle with some ring pops, some smarties, and some plastic eggs. Look there...there is fruit under all that....and of course toothbrushes.Photo: On our way out...we stopped by the office supply/craft section...Foam board for my son's science project was on our list...and I almost forgot it.Photo: Jules requested a quick stop n the freezer section to see if this Walmart is stocking the TCBY yogurt now...They are YEAH!Photo: Finally at the checkout! One good thing about this Walmart is that there are always plenty of cashiers and the wait is pretty short...and so far the cashiers have always been very nice. See, as I unload, you can see the bottom of the cart is loaded with Colgate Nickelodeon toothbrushes and some glue and fruit!Photo: Checking out...Look at all those toothbrushes...there are some clean teeth in the future for 13 boys and girls at preschool!Photo: And we have success...16 toothbrushes (extras for the brothers and sisters of the preschoolers), plastic eggs and some simple candy and toys for the eggs. Now to head home, fill the eggs and get ready for the hunt.