5 Photos - Oct 24, 2011
Photo: Character design doodle for Rick, who appears in the strip for October 25, 2011.Photo: Here are the rough pencils for October 25, 2011's strip. I did them on an actual physical sheet of paper with actual physical pencils.Photo: Then I use Illustrator to add in dialogue, frames, and other text effects. Oops, I just spoiled the punchline.Photo: The next step is to ink my pencils. In this case, I inked digitally, which has the advantage of being able to ink the foreground and background on two different layers. Sometimes, though, I'll do my inking with a brush and/or micron pens, which have their own advantages.Photo: Once I add grayscale tones to the foreground and background, the strip is good to go. Ta-daah!