27 Photos - Jul 16, 2013
Photo: Baitin the herring to try to catch salmon.Photo: this makes it looks alive for the salmon to eatPhoto: rod bent tight and clipped to the thing on the right with has a 12 pound ball and a guage to drop it down to whatever feet u want. what a set up. not like fishin on a lake on the east coast.Photo: eaglesPhoto: we are only two poles as we are two peeps.Photo: different bait set up. put a slice of the herring in a thing that closes up so it smells and looks like fish but u dont loose your bait.Photo: we caught a pollock, cod, kinda small so threw him back inPhoto: then we hooked a jellyfish. poor guy :( had to clen the bait and line many times from the sea stuff. I worked out my arms and we caught no salmon.Photo: Another day went on a halibut charter. about 1.5 hrs out of the bay into the gulf. this is port graham where a native village lives.Photo: Photo: Photo: saw some humback whales on the way. never seen them in the bay, makes sense u see them out here.Photo: more whales closer to us, better shot.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: another whale, side of this fin....Photo: Photo: i was pretty upset how close this boat drove towards the whale. theres gotta be a law against this.Photo: we went as far as near the barren islands. never been this far.Photo: circle hook for halbit and some weight as the halibut are way down at the bottom'Photo: Capt uses octopus as bait along with herringPhoto: inside the 6 passenger vessle. nice and cozy, even a little toliet down behing the booth.Photo: this 14 yrs old, on the right, got a rockfish which are good eating so he kept it.Photo: on the 3rd spot we all started catching our 2 limit p/p halibut. this was mine. have no clue how much it weighs but it was so damn hard reeling it in from 200 ft of water. very very tiring on the arms. Capt helps get them on the boat.Photo: The gang with their fish. Woke up at 5 to depart at 6:30 back by 4. my fish are # 6 and 7 from the left to right count.Photo: this guy is filleting our fish. that is mine.