78 Photos - Jul 8, 2013
Photo: Driving from Anchorage to McCarthy about a 6-8 hr drive. started at 530pm.Photo: Photo: Matanuska Glacier on the way to McCarthy.Photo: Photo: Photo: did not touch this pix at all in a program. so glad we stopped for this shot!Photo: these things are here to measure the snow and for snow plows to find/plow the road. have not seen/notice them in AK before.Photo: rain and sun makes a big rainbowPhoto: Photo: people taking their toys with them.Photo: Photo: 63 miles on dirt road.Photo: we had a leaky tire we noticed at the gas station so we rolled in to town around 130am. we car camped a few nights at a friends place just outside of townPhoto: sign on all the foot bridges when leaving McCarthy. To get into town you have to either walk, bike or take your 4 wheeler. Otherwise residents pay $250 for a key to the gate b/c u have to pass through private land. odd system but i enjoyed walking 20 mins each way a few times a day to get to town.Photo: McCarthy! very remote about 2 hrs away from a major town and 1.5 hrs drive on dirt road when in good condition.Photo: old sled. So much old stuff lying all around.Photo: Friend of the group, Rebecca co-owns this place. we brought a shit ton of food supplies from costco as their delivery never made it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Town. the one bar.Photo: "As of the census of 2000, there were 42 people, 26 households, and 6 families residing in the CDP."Photo: people still live in these 100 yr old dry shacks! no kitchen in them. not even an outhouse. but its centrally located in town.Photo: old cars, old houses falling down.Photo: this place was for sale.Photo: "For centuries, Athabascans hunted in the area of McCarthy. Chief Nikolai and his band of Athabaskan Natives had a summer camp at Dan Creek, 15 miles east of McCarthy, where they collected copper nuggets from Dan Creek. Their permanent camp was on the Copper River at the village of Taral near Chitina where they fished for salmon."Photo: "Copper was discovered between the Kennicott Glacier and McCarthy Creek in 1900, after which Kennecott mines, Kennecott Mining Company, and company town of Kennecott were created."Photo: recycle!Photo: the bar burns their boxes. such a waste to do nothing with the heat/fire.Photo: 4th of july parade!.Photo: the kiddos floatPhoto: smart guyPhoto: glacier ice is on a wagon on the left running around the raft.Photo: Rebecca and her son Max. She co-owns a eatery called the Potato. so she is a curly fry and he is a potato head.Photo: wood cutting float. they were shaving woodPhoto: hula hoop walkers. very talented ladies and girls.Photo: Photo: Photo: "Partly because alcoholic beverages and prostitution were forbidden in Kennicott, McCarthy grew as an area to provide illicit services not available in the company town. It grew quickly into a major town with a gymnasium, a hospital, a school, a bar and a brothel. The Copper River and Northwestern Railway reached McCarthy in 1911."Photo: "The bulk of McCarthy's main road
In 1938 the copper deposits were mostly gone and the town was mostly abandoned. The population of McCarthy and Kennecott fell to almost zero until the 1970s, when the area began to draw young people from the many who came to Alaska in the 70's for adventure and the big money of the Trans Alaska Pipeline project."Photo: cottonPhoto: cotton everywherePhoto: "In the 80's, after the area was designated Wrangell-St. Elias National Park (1980), it began to draw some adventurous tourists to the new national park. The few people that lived there began to provide a variety of tourist services. There was always at least one family living in the McCarthy area from 1953 to the present day."Photo: rocks held back lots of flooding here in springPhoto: another food bridge in town to go further down the road. u can walk on for free but for cars to pass through it costs an additional $250 a year on top of the other footbridge to get in to town. privately owned. but makes this a bike friendly placePhoto: horse shoes!Photo: did not notice this plane here before.Photo: bird house chimney!Photo: kid driving 4 wheeler by the bar. dogs at playPhoto: old men drinking on main street right across the street from the bar with a pack of PBR!Photo: tiny cabin a friend is slowly building. bed to the right, table to the left. thats it.Photo: lots of cotton blowing around town.Photo: everyone travels around with 4 wheelers. easier to get around and avoid the expensive bridge fees.Photo: outhouse! with cool pix displayed.Photo: this is where u go for #2. in an old truck. that what a person yelled out but i am not sure if that's still accurate.Photo: plant boxes are taken from the old mining site in Kenticott 5 miles out.Photo: sauna.Photo: cool band of 8 called the Mixed Meters in the town's only bar...Photo: people were getting down. i like her pants!Photo: interesting display of pix of the locals. 2 from the right at the bottom is a bowling alley on ice/snow.Photo: town is full of dogs roaming around. everyone knows who their owners are so its all good.Photo: drank water from the natural spring. so glad water is easy to get here so far away from civilations.Photo: the old hand tram before the briidge from the 80s - 2000s. It was like an old ski lift chair and you used your hand to pull you across the river.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: on our way to raft on a glacier lake and riverPhoto: Photo: love the 80s looking dry suite with weird zippers.
i stayed dry except my feet, but u feel wet in a dry suie and that waster was 37 degrees. fn cold.Photo: dirty glacier, u think they would clean it up for us tourists..haha someone actually told the guide that the other day.Photo: Photo: this is cleaner looking b/c it flipped overPhoto: Photo: some dude trying to get water.Photo: Photo: zipper butt!Photo: Rebecca's kid max passed out by 6ish as we had dinner at the bar.Photo: cool shirt at a party!