43 Photos - Jun 5, 2013
Photo: Oyster farm at Tutka Bay!Photo: Photo: Photo: sizing themPhoto: Photo: Photo: never been on the bay this foggyPhoto: Me and their new wwoofer, Sara helping Rick get water from the fallsPhoto: eerie magicPhoto: Photo: oyster eating time and yes I got a pink face!Photo: pray flag in the water? nah just sea life on a boat ropePhoto: Cool stuff on the beachPhoto: sea left ashore.Photo: lil zippy the hummingbird banged the window. rick ran out to give him sugar water. in about an hour he flew out fast. notice his eyes closed here. i felt bad taking the shot while he was injured but when will i ever get a live hummingbird standing still!Photo: my fav viewPhoto: my fav viewPhoto: it was foggy all day and this is the only time we saw the sun after 930pm!Photo: so many crab are shedding. this was pretty pretty pretty fresh.Photo: sea star eating something.Photo: so much life in these waters. so many barnacles. I learned that they are hermaphrodites able to give and receive to reproduce.Video: me and sara kayaking and trying to get a shot of the barnacles out and about doing their thing. not so easy to hold my paddle, make sure we dont scruff the kayak and me not drop my ipod touch.Photo: kayak dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: above the lil covePhoto: Photo: Photo: meditation!Photo: oyster catcher. cuz they eat oyster with their long red billPhoto: highlight for me is seeing the inside of the barnacles come out. They do this when under water to feed and also to reproduce. the small black frills are them coming out of their hard shell that they made.Photo: so coolPhoto: hermit crab, snails, and so much tiny life in this tiny tide pool. so amazing. never a dull moment here.Photo: they found an otter skelton the other week. pretty intact but no skullPhoto: true timber man. good old Dave the mailboat guyg hauling down some wood he milled from the fallen trees to make his house.Photo: he chucked all the wood down to the beach. I organized them into stacks of 3 for him to carry to his boat on high tide.Photo: boad loaded in about an hourPhoto: he's rafting the big pieces one weighing almost 200 poundsPhoto: Photo: Photo: rick at homePhoto: me doing my thing sunbathing by the water and mts in my long johns. never know what the weather will bring so gotta be prepared.Photo: i forget