37 Photos - Oct 28, 2013
Photo: Pulling away from shore.Photo: So long Vienna!Photo: Settling in for a three-hour tour.Photo: Bratislava!Photo: Photo: Photo: Tourist bus thing in Bratislava, Slovakia.Photo: Many Statues in Bratislava. This one is Hans Christian Andersen.Photo: Photo: Cool grafitti.Photo: Photo: Nice architecture. I have never seen this before.Photo: Photo: Oh Kellster.Photo: Krishnas in BratislavaPhoto: Two flat tires. Oh well - at least the web site is up!Photo: Old and new.Photo: This was a really beautiful car!Photo: Relatively rare sight of someone on a cell phone.Photo: Bratislava Dudes.Photo: These cats(?) are everywhere. Stimpy, are you in there?Photo: Street scenesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bravo Bratislava!Photo: Photo: Photo: Fav tour guide.Photo: Fun statue.Photo: Photo: Let's have a hot chocolate.Photo: Hot choclate is really liquid chocolatePhoto: Melting Kelly's brain!Photo: Photo: A wedding on-board!Photo: Full moon from the Danube.