47 Photos - Oct 24, 2013
Photo: Vienna Art Museum staircase.Photo: There's that gold ball again!Photo: Is this Trajan?Photo: In the libraryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Library fresco.Photo: First peek at the Spanish Riding School.Photo: Lost of horse-drawn carriages in the city center.Photo: Edible Lipizzan.Photo: Beautiful. Next time let's stay here, Honey!Photo: Photo: Tree-lined bicycle path.Photo: The old and the new.Photo: Woo-hoo! Lipizzan!Photo: The Viennese are very smart!Photo: More carriages.Photo: Photo: Carriage detail.Photo: Nice façadePhoto: The old reflected in the new.Photo: Cool benchPhoto: Photo: Downtown Vienna.Photo: gain - the new and the old together.Photo: Violence.Photo: Magnificent statues depicting horrors.Photo: Kelly's happy. thedude's happy too.Photo: Shopping.Photo: Another beautiful cathedral.Photo: Light flows in.Photo: Political humor, or reality?Photo: Kelly's having a great time.Photo: On the bus...Photo: Vienna by night.Photo: Photo: Photo: It's a full moon!Photo: Another fun concert.Photo: Back at the ship for a few.Photo: Modern skyline.Photo: Spanish Riding School!Photo: Ponies!Photo: woo-hoo!Photo: That was fun!Photo: Let's have another coffee!Photo: Back on the bus.