13 Photos - Nov 29, 2014
Photo: It's my first time to travel alone. Yes. First time. Alone.Photo: Nacho's at Todd's.Photo: My staple Japanese food order, Japanese Chicken Curry at Enso Sushi Bar.Photo: Gyoza forever! :>Photo: Green Tea because I am too full to go back to the hotel just yet.Photo: Boneless Bangus for Breakfast! Another fave!Photo: My wacky teacher's class for the day. :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Fresh veggies in the chopseuy and that Mandarin chicken is really good. Food coma.Photo: Peach Mango Ref Cake when I met with Ms. Vanj and JR. :)Photo: The Christmas Tree is made up of recycled cooking oil bottles.Photo: See the difference of before and after #selfie. Tired. Thanks Dagupan for the warm welcome.