91 Photos - May 15, 2014
Photo: Jomar and I in the plane, waiting for our 30 minutes delayed take off.Photo: Hello there other plane in Terminal 3! Photo: Trying to be playful with our Women Techmaker neck pillow.Photo: Sea of fluffy clouds!Photo: First Dinner!Photo: First breakfast at Lotteria (their version of Jollibee)!Photo: Bosingak Belfry!Photo: Photo: Cheonggyecheon Stream during the day!Photo: Photo: At the Seoul Tourism Organization officePhoto: Mama Chelle in the middle of Cheonggyecheon Stream!Photo: Walking around Insadong and saw this sweet treat. We also purchased our Nami Island Tickets.Photo: Dragon's BeardPhoto: Lunch!Photo: Photo: Mama Chelle in front of one of the traditional houses in Bukchon Hanok Village.Photo: Jerome looking for his "the one" in Bukchon Hanok Village.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I love Korean gyoza and we saw this sidewalk store selling them. I was a happy kid!Photo: Fried Korean gyoza! :)Photo: Donhwamun Gate is the main gate of the Changdeokgung Palace.Photo: Changdeokgung Palace is one of the Five Grand Palaces.Photo: Injeongjeon Hall is the throne hall of the Changdeokgung PalacePhoto: The interior of the Injeongjeon Hall.Photo: Photo: Photo: Outside Jongmyo Shrine! This is where the memorial service of the deceased kings and queens of the Korean Joseon Dynasty are usually held.Photo: We saw a rally or parade of sort in the City of Seoul.Photo: N Seoul Tower at night! So beautiful. Personally, this is the best part of the day. :)Photo: Before my tablet died, I was able to capture this image of Seoul from the N Seoul Tower.Photo: Photo: Lotte World from the outside. I was able to enjoy the theme park during my previous visit to Korea, October of 2011.Photo: At the gate ("immigration") going to the Republic of Nami Island.Photo: Can you eat those snowman-shaped pastry?Photo: Family of SnowmanPhoto: During the 10-minute boat ride going to Nami Island.Photo: Photo: Being sweet and cheesy in Nami Island.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mitch enjoying her Nami Island pictorial. :)Photo: Jomar, Ate Shawie, and JeromePhoto: Is she Jerome's "the one"?Photo: Me taking picture of Wayne looking at Mama Chelle taking picture of Mitch.Photo: Naminara Republic Central Bank (in reality, Tourist Information Center)Photo: Bears on the tree! Oh and there's Jerome biking.Photo: Fave meal of the whole trip. This is the best Korean gyoza EVER!Photo: Jomar buying ice cream to beat the heat from the Rameon.Photo: Jerome waiting for "the one" to fall from the sky in this black and white photo.Photo: This is the famous spot in the Koreanovela, "Winter Sonata".Photo: Catch that rabbit!Photo: Photo: One path for the living and the other for the dead.Photo: Going to the Tomb of Jeong Mong JuPhoto: Tomb of the KingPhoto: Mama Chelle and Mitch in Gangnam Street at NightPhoto: Mitch's fave! Samgyupsal. Dinner with GDG Community Leads in South Korea!Photo: Advanced Happy Birthday Surprise for Jerome!Photo: Photo: Photo: Before going to bed. We decided to take a walk along the path of Cheonggyecheon Stream.Photo: Cheonggyecheon Stream at Night! It's more beautiful than what I am able to capture.Photo: Mitch overwhelmed with all the things she needs to pack! Pasalubong for friends back in the Philippines.Photo: Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast.Photo: Cherry Blossoms!Photo: Photo: Photo: On our way to the Google office in Seoul.Photo: Children's LibraryPhoto: Gate to the  World of Taekwondo Headquarters.Photo: Wayne studying the tour guide booklet.Photo: View from the Google office in Seoul. This is where we had lunch.Photo: Photo: Sleepy and tired from our very long day!Photo: The huge statue of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty in front of the Gyeongbokgung, Palace.Photo: Gwanghwamun Gate (The Main and South Gate) of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.Photo: Jomar with a palace guard near the gate.Photo: Changing of guards ceremony was amazing!Photo: Photo: We joined the English tour around the Gyeongbokgung Palace. We learned the significance of each building within the compound.Photo: I was so tired from the tour and tons of walking from the past few days.Photo: This building is where social events usually happens. The man-made lake is where the King and Queen would spend romantic moments.Photo: National Folk Museum of KoreaPhoto: Jomar in between his Chinese zodiacs Ox and Rat. :)Photo: Checking out from Namsan Guest House 3. :) Thank you Korea!