24 Photos - Sep 3, 2013
Photo: The Baking of #KitKatPhoto: Photo: scale photo for client review.Photo: Photo: getting ready for polyurea hard coatPhoto: Photo: Photo: all parts glued on and ready for polyurea hard coatPhoto: Photo: polyurea hard coat appliedPhoto: double take?!?Photo: KitKat!  Are you alright?  Speak to me KitKat!Photo: paint applied and drying in between coatsPhoto: Wait... WHAT?  3 KitKats???Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: pre-heat oven to 140 degrees and let bake for 1 hour!Photo: Cool it down baby.  Don't touch!Photo: whats under the hood?  #Android 4.4Photo: "I'm standin over here" !!!Photo: Bagged & tagged  (well,  crated and tagged really)Photo: Such dreamy eyes!Photo: a custom fit insulated wrap.  Who does that?  Oh yeah... WE DO !!!!