39 Photos - Jan 26, 2012
Photo: There used to be kebabs, burgers and pizza places herePhoto: Not much new here, except the fancy figures on the railings.Photo: Used to be the trendy Inventions bar, now the Crow's Nest pubPhoto: Still a Stottie shop, yay!Photo: Steps To Student UnionPhoto: Used to be Barclays Bank, now a coffee shopPhoto: The Student Union, with new benches and notice boardsPhoto: First glimpse of Claremont Tower!Photo: Closed at the weekend, but we'd need ID to get in anywayPhoto: It seems the 1992 'Save The Gulbenkian' campaign was successfulPhoto: The Arches, where exam results are postedPhoto: Exam resultsPhoto: The Old Library, used for the occasional all-nighter on the MUDPhoto: No computers in here anymore?Photo: The card swipe and keypad has gonePhoto: Mertz Court, where I had maths lecturesPhoto: Claremont Tower, the Computer Science buildingPhoto: The Bridge (level 2), for CS1H lecturesPhoto: Claremont lobby and lifts (the building was locked)Photo: The Rack, holding the 3rd year VAX workstationsPhoto: Campus directionsPhoto: The Robinson LibraryPhoto: Photo: Alyson returnsPhoto: Newcastle Law SchoolPhoto: The fancy new eco Devonshire BuildingPhoto: View from the Robinson Library towards Northumberland StreetPhoto: Church of St Thomas the MartyrPhoto: Blackwells, a costly source of course booksPhoto: The Civic CentrePhoto: Midland Bank (now HSBC) and Luckies are still therePhoto: Northumberland Street, 2 mins walk from the Student UnionPhoto: Haymarket Metro Station, closest to UniPhoto: Eldon Square shopping centrePhoto: The Northumberland Arms - first date with Alyson in here!Photo: Fenwicks department storePhoto: Grey's Monument, heart of the city centrePhoto: Our favourite pizza place is still there (I'll have a small Hawaiian)Photo: Three Bulls Heads, a convenient starting point for MUD piss-ups