29 Photos - Jan 26, 2012
Photo: Awaiting the opening ceremonyPhoto: Lord Mayor of Norwich opens the showPhoto: Traders setting upPhoto: Colin Piggot and David Ledbury on the Quazar standPhoto: Andrew Collier's MNEMOtech standPhoto: Wolfgang HallerPhoto: Andrew swapping a faulty floppy drivePhoto: Inside Allan Skillman's SAMPhoto: Proud new owner of a gold ASICPhoto: L@@K R@RE!Photo: Matthew Westcott's AY Riders standPhoto: Andy Kavanagh (deKay) playing Bruce LeePhoto: Lotsa retro goodies on salePhoto: Jonathan Cauldwell's coding challengePhoto: Rare Vectrex systemPhoto: Colin prepares to unveil his new hardwarePhoto: Unpacking the acceleratorPhoto: SAM accelerator in actionPhoto: Simon N Goodwin's QL standPhoto: Matthew Westcott, Andy Kavanagh and Dave MillsPhoto: (foreground) Simon N Goodwin and Tarquin MillsPhoto: ORSAM organiser Tarquin MillsPhoto: Woody and DunnyPhoto: Simon N Goodwin and Shaun Bebbington (from Retro Gamer)Photo: Simon talks about Sinclair machinesPhoto: Simon power-naps after a particularly long sentencePhoto: Jonathan after completing his Thrust gamePhoto: Packing up time :(Photo: Simon shows Tarquin Mode 12 on the QL