20 Photos - Jun 11, 2013
Photo: We started our walking tour in the colourful Bo Kaap learning a bit about the area's history & people.Photo: Then it was on to food! First stop: Biesmiellah's Cafe for some koesisters (spicy doughnuts).Photo: We were also introduced to boeber - a sweet, milky drink with rose syrup & vermicelli.Photo: Loved this "warm worsies" sign outside the Rose Cafe. But no time for stopping, there was plenty more food waiting.Photo: A Bo Kaap landmark, Atlas Trading seems to sell every spice under the sun - and in large quantities too!Photo: Best samosas in the Bo Kaap. Wardia fried up a fresh batch for us - crispy pastry, fantastic flavours!Photo: From there it was on to the Haas Coffee Collective, a popular cafe which roasts speciality coffees from around the world.Photo: In a city known for its excellent coffees, Haas still stands out as one of the very best.Photo: And their food is delicious too - here we tried their gourmet bunny chows.Photo: On to a bit of shopping; these wonderful creatures at Monkeybiz caught our eye.Photo: And even better - the shopping was for a good cause! Monkeybiz are part of a nonprofit income-generating project focused on women's economic empowerment.Photo: Next was Streetwires - a Fair Trade organisation creating employment through the designing, creating & marketing of wire & bead craft.Photo: There were some really beautiful & intricate creations in the Streetwires shop.Photo: Next we moved on to Heritage Square, home to the oldest fruit-bearing vine in the country.Photo: It's also the home of Signal Hill Wineries which makes wine from a scattering of vineyards around Cape Town. This is a rosé from vineyards in Kalk Bay.Photo: Getting down to the serious business of wine tasting!Photo: We were happy to see that Riviersonderend's famous bakery has come to Cape Town. Anyone that has been on a road trip up the Garden Route probably knows these delicious pies.Photo: Our final stop was the top of the Cape Town train station.Photo: Here Chef David gave us a taste of pap, beef & veggies - really tasty!Photo: After a day of touring Cape Town's secret foodie spots we returned to the Go2Africa office with bellies full of delicious treats and faces full of smiles.