125 Photos - Nov 27, 2011
Photo: Mosque of Hassan II Casablanca - 3rd biggest mosque outside of Mecca and Medina Saudi ArabiaPhoto: Obviously pretty stormy weatherPhoto: Photo: The ceilings throughout the buildings in Morocco were incrediblePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: I loved the beautiful colours, and patternsPhoto: Photo: The amazing minaretPhoto: Photo: There is a lot of building going on in CasablancaPhoto: Had to get a pic of Ricks CafePhoto: One of the Royal Palaces in RabatPhoto: The ceiling in the Mausoleum of Mohammed V in RabatPhoto: Stork nests in the Chella RuinsPhoto: The ruins were incredibly beautifulPhoto: Storks didn't bring babies, they eat them...Photo: Fez Medina (walled old town)Photo: The pottery factory - every pattern painted is handdrawn to patterns hundreds of years oldPhoto: Mosaic tiles fired and ready to splitPhoto: This is how mosaic tables/fountains etc are made.  Upside down.  It takes an apprentice 10 years to learn how to do this.  Concrete is then poured over and set.Photo: No room for error...Photo: One of the pottery storesPhoto: Fez markets, so many leather slippersPhoto: Moroccans eat more bread per capita than pretty much everyone...Photo: Dan in Bou Inania Madrasa  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bou_Inania_MadrasaPhoto: Photo: One of the many cats in Morocco.  The strays are very well looked after and friendlyPhoto: FesPhoto: FesPhoto: I think I ate more mandarins on this trip than I ever havePhoto: Photo: Leaving the tanneryPhoto: We could smell it before we got therePhoto: One of the most incredible things to see, but my god the smell.  The biggest tannery in North Africa apparentlyPhoto: Photo: All of the colours are created naturally.  Saffron for yellow, indigo for blue etc.Photo: Photo: Weaving fabric in an upright loom.  I have a scarf similar to the one on the right - made of cotton, wool and cactus silk.Photo: Photo: Dan in Ifrane - Little Switzerland, MoroccoPhoto: Photo: First part of the Atlas MountainsPhoto: Through the MideltPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 15 steps, then a sheer drop...Photo: I follow to the edge, Of the earth, And then I fall offPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: There was more water in these remote places than I expectedPhoto: Photo: More villages on the way to Erfoud - I think this is the Ziz CanyonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ziz ValleyPhoto: Photo: Our hotel in Erfoud - Bouganvillea - like we see in all hot countriesPhoto: Photo: The Sahara desert - it looked like clay from afar.  Merzouga - Erg ChebbiPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dan on a camelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Camel ShadowsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The lonely route up each dunePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The sand was so soft, more like dust than grittyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: SunsetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Todra GorgePhoto: The water starts just up past Ollie (in the green).  Amazing that it just starts from nowhere.  It was incredibly warm water too.Photo: Very narrow - 10m at it's slimmest pointPhoto: Kasbah ait Ben Hdou villagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Our friendly guide through the villagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Tichka Pass on the way to MarrakechPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Marrakech, One of the entrances into the city wallsPhoto: Saadian tombs MarrakechPhoto: Photo: Dan in the gardens of the Saardian TombsPhoto: Photo: A weeoo walking around the walls in the restaurants that surround the market square in MarrakechPhoto: Photo: Mint - drank a bit of mint tea!Photo: OlivesPhoto: Beautiful scarvesPhoto: Tassels, everywherePhoto: Dates. I'm now a convert (though I did adore Grandma's date scones)Photo: Djamaa el fna square - the night food marketPhoto: Amazing food, for less than £5Photo: Photo: