26 Photos - Feb 18, 2012
Photo: Going shopping, gotta grap my shopping list,Photo: my purse andPhoto: coat and boots. It's time for a lone shopping trip!Photo: I like to park in a well lit area when out alone at night.Photo: Beneath a street light is perfect.Photo: Need to get a cart.Photo: Oh look Puss in Boots!Photo: Easter already? Wow.Photo: Easter books and gifts make a pretty display.Photo: Office section first.Photo: Lots of cool stuff to set up office in here. Too bad mine is pretty much set up.Photo: More organizers would be nice though.Photo: Oooh, this filing cabinet has an extra little drawer! That's new!Photo: Paper shredders,Photo: and safes, but still no X-ACTO Spira pencil sharpeners. How am I to buy it if I can't find it?Photo: Calculators,Photo: lots of paper, but still no sharpener. I'll have to try another aisle.Photo: Ah-ha, with the pencils and pens in the School section, which is in the Craft aisle. Kind of confusing, but I guess I understand why it's here.Photo: Have lots of pens and pencils still at home in my school supply stash so I don't need any of these tonight. I do need a few other things, now to find them!Photo: The children would love something crafty, but I'll stick with something educational.Photo: Wipe off books to practice handwriting and some fun stickers will do for now.Photo: Boys underwear section has certainly been picked over and not restocked recently.Photo: Checkout aisle is clear here, which is awesome! Love a fast checkout so I can get home faster!Photo: X-ACTO Spira, groceries and other things are bagged nicely. Now it's time to head out into the cold air.Photo: Parking lot is looking pretty deserted in this section. But what do I care, I need to get home before the children's bedtime! Let's go!Photo: Until next time Wal-mart.     “This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed are my own.”