17 Photos - Oct 31, 2013
Photo: A warm welcome from our medical students - THANKS to CUBA's BILATERAL ASSISTANCE, OUR STUDENTS ARE STUDYING IN CUBAN UNIVERSITIESPhoto: HolaPhoto: Being hosted for dinner by the kind Ambassador of Solomon Islands and Madame in HAVANA CUBAPhoto: Photo: Me puede dar un asiento de ventanilla - sustainable transportation in Havana-primera clasePhoto: Cuba, your land is blessedPhoto: The Chief Cooks at their stationPhoto: The First Secretary of the Tuvalu UN Mission having breakfast with some of our Tuvalu Doctor-trainees in Cuba - buen desayunoPhoto: Embajada de Islas SalomonPhoto: Buenos diasPhoto: Buen provecho!Photo: Me gusta....bailarPhoto: Voy al MatagigaliPhoto: Me quedar'e dos nochesPhoto: Donde esta la zona comecial?Photo: Our community @ our Havana Falekaupule; Euta  tou folo Bucanero!Photo: Farewell n cuidate; please continue studying hard.