15 Photos - Oct 17, 2013
Photo: HON DPM @ THE OFFICEPhoto: Our Taiwanese interns Ms Peifan and ChungPhoto: The Tuvalu delegation inside the 68th GA HALL - ready for our turn to deliver Tuvalu's StatementPhoto: Permanent Representative, Ambassador Aunese Makoi Simati doing the UN GA thing...listening meticulously @ 68th SESSIONPhoto: DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Hon Vete Sakaio delivering Tuvalu's Statement @ the 68th GENERAL ASSEMBLYPhoto: SAVE TUVALU TO SAVE YOURSELVES said DPM to the UN Secretariat and membershipPhoto: "I thank the Deputy Prime Minister of Tuvalu for his Statement"Photo: ALL SMILES AFTER DPMs POWERFUL SPEECHPhoto: DPM and MRSPhoto: After the delivery of the 68th StatementPhoto: Queens and Astoria in the backgroundPhoto: EAST MANHATTAN - ON OUR WAY OUT OF THE UN SECRETARIATPhoto: Hon. DPM and PRPhoto: SUNEMA & UNCLEsPhoto: Behind us is the United Nations Secretariat