152 Photos - Sep 6, 2015
Photo: Early start for the Ladies Pairs- nice and sunny today. (151 captions to go!)Photo: Christine Perryman (sub for Joan Campbell who was indisposed) with Hildigunnar Churchman (first year entrant in the Competitions) against Eunice Hargreaves and Chris Bruce.Photo: Also 9.30am start for the Mixed Pairs-
Ann Armstrong and Ken Walker against Tricia Ellis and Jon BroomfieldPhoto: A couple of very successful Captains.
John Lan- Men's Vice-Captain with Brian Perryman- Men's Captain.Photo: 9.30am start for Men's Championship-
John Lan- Marker and Brian PerrymanPhoto: Men's Singles Final-
Adrian Philpott and Brian Perryman.Photo: Ladies Pairs under way.Photo: Eunice Hargreaves- In four finals this year.Photo: Brian starts in three competitions today.Photo: Adrian Philpott delivers.Photo: Good head in Men's Singles.Photo: Bob Brown & Dave Lane in the Non-Winners.Photo: Better snap Dave compared with the awful image at the Presentation!Photo: Bob is not asleep yet, blame the bright sunshine.
Rosie Walker, Marker for the Non-winners.Photo: Sunday Morning Umpire, Colin Docksey offering assistance to Dave as a lense had fallen out of his glasses. Not our Sponsor I hope!Photo: One or two shots for Adrian?Photo: John Lan at work. Brian keeping an eye on him.Photo: Photo: Adrian in action. Jon observes from the next rink.Photo: Busy morning.Photo: Photo: Dave Lane building up an early lead.Photo: Bob Brown comes on strong half way fighting back to level.Photo: Photo: Interested spectators- Ian King & Les Rushbrooke.Photo: Good one Dave.Photo: Just look at that Tangutica that started in my garden.Photo: Marker on the march.Photo: Hildi getting into the swing of things after a nervous start.Photo: Strong start for Adrian in the Men's Singles.Photo: Brian delivers from the gardens end.Photo: Hobby or a Merlin? Three flew over hounded by the local rooks.Photo: Osprey on way back to Africa?Photo: Kathy supporting DL.
IK & LR watching Men's Singles.Photo: Photo: Busy green.Photo: Mixed Pairs with Ken Walker holding tight head.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Vic Armstrong, Dulcie Marriott, Carole Davies, Shirley Jones, Jean Smith & Len Ryan.Photo: JB holding his hair!Photo: Clive Jeffrey, Steve Harvey, June & Frank Lay.Photo: Ian Kury, Victor Armstrong & Clive Jeffrey.Photo: Have you heard the one?
Jean Dann and Nancy Bathurst having a good laugh.Photo: Pat & Don Chapman, Jean Dann with
Nancy & Eric Bathurst.Photo: Kathy Lane, Ian King, George Mantle & Les Rushbrooke.Photo: Photo: DL lines up.Photo: Close head  in the Mixed Pairs with Tricia & Ken watched by Barry Sale and Umpire Colin Docksey.Photo: Derek Crocombe with hat arrives to open the bar.
Bob King sneaks in with the spectators.
Dave lines up and- - -Photo: delivers. Crucial end as close at 20-19.Photo: Bob concedes as Dave draws the shot- Result 21-19.Photo: Good sporting and very close match.Photo: Brian Perryman triumphs in the Men's Singles 21-12. First singles victory out of three events.Photo: Christine delivers.Photo: BP watches but Christine not worried.Photo: Hildi enjoying her first final gets stronger throughout the match.Photo: Chris bowls another one of her specials.Photo: Ladies Pairs final end. Hildi draws another banker.Photo: Photo: Mixed Pairs with Tricia holding.Photo: Photo: Christine Perryman on way to Ladies Pairs victory.Photo: Well played Eunice with two victories to come.Photo: Two skips look happier than the leads- Sorry did not give you all a chance to show your smiles.Photo: That is better- Jon & Tricia  Champions.
Jon winning three out of five finals- Well done.Photo: "How did we let that one get away?"
Hildi looks surprised to be champion in her first year in the Comps.Photo: Photo: Chris Bruce & Eunice Hargreaves runners up.
Christine Perryman & Hildigunnar Churchman Champions.Photo: Two Wood Competition under way.
Jon Broomfield again against Peter Lillie.Photo: Peter delivers.Photo: Photo: Photo: JB- Hope your foot is over the mat!Photo: Peter gives it everything.Photo: Photo: George Mantle against Brian Perryman in the Men's Two Wood.Photo: Marker Len Ryan measuring in the Handicap.Photo: Nice picture.Photo: Lucky to be such a young chap who can manage five finals over the weekend.
Just makes it difficult for the organiser- Frank Lay, Competitions Secretary.Photo: Paul Crabtree, Marker in the Men's Two wood Competition.Photo: Eunice in action.Photo: A few spectators on the Clubhouse side- Jean Smith, Pat & Don Chapman, John Voice, Jean Dann, Rex Richardson with his daughter, Frank Lay, George Startup, Adrian Philpott, Victor Armstrong, Chris Bruce, Tricia Ellis, Daphne & Ernie Fathers.Photo: BP moving ahead in the Two Wood.Photo: Ian King & Bob King (with red Wine again).
Not related!Photo: Brian on very good form.Photo: Concentration.Photo: Ken Walker & George Startup.(Not sailing, flying or droning today).Photo: Adrian Philpott, Avril Williams, Val King & Chris Bruce. Looks cosy four on a seat.Photo: Jean Smith, Pat & Don Chapman, John Voice (Mavis working in the kitchen), Jean Dann hiding (doesn't like having her photo taken) and Eileen Ashby.Photo: John Broomfield Handicap Champion and Peter Lillie Runner Up.Photo: Ladies at work-
Shirley Jones, Mavis Voice & Carole Davies.Photo: George & Brian complete Two Wood FinalPhoto: BP Two wood Winner and George Mantle runner up thank Paul Crabtree, Marker.Photo: Ladies Singles Final-
Eunice Hargreaves and Ann Armstrong watch Val Harvey, Marker on her knees.Photo: Competition Secretary Frank LayPhoto: Like the new windows- Must try and get Anglian to sponsor us!Photo: Christine & Brian Perryman with Rex Richardson & daughter.Photo: Cannot be a selfie- Ken & Rosie Walker with Colin Docksey.Photo: Getting hotter- Sensible in the shade.Photo: Good to see Ernie Fathers again, supplier of many plants to the Club in past years.Photo: Ian Kury, George Startup and Chairman, Victor Armstrong (like the hat).Photo: Adrian Philpott awaiting the Club Championship Final with Ladies Captain elect Avril Williams, current Ladies Captain Val King and Ladies Vice-Captain elect Chris Bruce.Photo: Ken Ashby, Dave Biddlecombe, Paul Crabtree and June Biddlecombe.Photo: Doug Adams, John & Mavis Voice, Jean Dann, Eileen & Ken Ashby.Photo: Len Ryan, Jean Smith, Pat & Don Chapman,
Doug Adams & John Voice.Photo: I do like those windows.Photo: These are the people not in the shade!
Chris & Bob Brown with Kath & Dave Lane.
Not sure who Bob is praying to.Photo: No comment!Photo: Photo: Photo: Not sure why they are not watching the bowls. However George & Lyn agreed to run a quiz this winter. YES!Photo: Bob with collection basket to the Green-keepers Pension Fund.Photo: Shirley & Tricia offer some lovely sponge cakes.Photo: Eunice Hargreaves, Ladies Singles Champion with Ann Armstrong & Marker Val Harvey.Photo: Nice smile from the marker.Photo: Well done to Eunice, Champion for the first time.Photo: Final Competition- Club Championship-
Brian PerrymanPhoto: and Jon Broomfield who were in nine finals between them.Photo: Ladies Two Wood- Marker Avril Williams and measuring stick.Photo: Jon & Brian in a close Club Championship match.Photo: Brian Streeter, Gail Hall from Warners and Ann Armstrong watch Brian Perryman.Photo: Colin Docksey- Marker in final match.Photo: Nice hat Rex.Photo: Brian asleep next to Gail!Photo: Ladies Two wood progresses-very close match.Photo: Jean Dann, Bob King, Rosie & grandson, Peter Corke, Malcolm Copnell, Frank Lay, Steve Farman, June Lay & Carole Davies.Photo: June Lay, Carole Davies, Hildigunnar Churchman (Bowls Champ of Iceland), Val King & Christine Perryman.Photo: Still wall to wall sunshine.Photo: Brian wins his fourth competition!Photo: Photo: Club Championship runners up Jon Broomfield and a pleased Brian Perryman. Not sure why Marker, Colin Docksey is hiding.Photo: Oh Jon is at it again!Photo: Four wins for Brian & three wins for Jon. Well done to both.Photo: Ladies Two Wood winner Eunice Hargreaves with runner up Chris Bruce & Marker Avril Williams.Photo: Happy pair.Photo: Cups await presentation.Photo: Lucy Cheeseman & Gail Hall from Warners solicitors with Ladies Catain & Vice-Captain, Val King & Avril Williams.Photo: Frank content after a successful day.Photo: Gail Hall & Carole Davies watch the presentations.Photo: Presentation time.Photo: President, Joan Campbell managed to attend the presentations.Photo: Lots of nice smiles- nearly time to go home after a long weekend.Photo: That is the trouble with four wins. A lot of silver to polish.Photo: Noisy lot in the back row-
Ian & Chris King, John & Chris Lan, Chris Brown & Kathy Lane.Photo: Lane family & Chris Brown.Photo: Val looks serious with George.Photo: Victor & Ann Armstrong taken on Rosie's iPad.Photo: Another snap from Rosie.
Frank & June Lay with Carole & Roger Davies. (who?)Photo: This is a better image from Rosie as well.Photo: