18 Photos - Feb 3, 2013
Photo: Player counters out as we set up Ticket to Ride; Europe ready for play on Friday night.Photo: Jane, Kate and Lesley out for Jane's 30th.Photo: When it's green I want more meat.  When it's red, I want more meat but don't have room for it!Photo: Beef steak is carved out before us.Photo: Jane blows out the candles on the cake Dave arranged for her.Photo: Jane's cake at Bem Brasil.Photo: We moved on to Hunkydorey and then TV21 for post-food drinks.Photo: Jane needs money for the taxi home!Photo: I wasn't too bad - but I figured it rounded out the photoset nicely - and after all the food and beer alkaseltzer might have been a good idea anyhow!Photo: The alkaseltzer dissolves.Photo: Tufty, Varls and Carl at the table playing Ticket to Ride.Photo: My stations, counter and some trains in the background.Photo: The game finished, beer on the tablePhoto: Sunlight through the bare trees, shining on decaying tracks for the Heaton Park tram.Photo: The sun dial on the tram building in Heaton Park.Photo: Geese on the lake at Heaton park.Photo: The Heaton Park photo walk group.Photo: A view across the hills - near and far - in Heaton Park.