33 Photos - Aug 27, 2009
Photo: 4DX hyperVue 3D stereo / subliminal art & imageryPhoto: Photo: Photo: John Lennon: dove of peacePhoto: The Subliminal EinsteinPhoto: Albert Einstein 4DX -3D stereo/subliminal by artist michaelmPhoto: The Subliminal ShakespearePhoto: "Now, whether it be beastial oblivion? Or some craven scruple of thinking too precisely on the event." The Bard.. now and forever. Photo: Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jeane: a toast to the hypercube, a book and the bookmark a rose Photo: Stephen Hawking: Visions of a photons and warp drivePhoto: Liz Taylor: from the heartPhoto: Jim Morrison - break on through to the other sidePhoto: Shirley Mclaine makes the pointPhoto: magical hemp seeds laying the ground for ONE LOVEPhoto: Cedella Booker Marley mother of Bob Marley - today's Mother LovePhoto: A mirror's reflection of the Dali Llama that exists within us allPhoto: Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu... a true moral leaderPhoto: Mahatma Ghandi: visions ofPhoto: Mother Theresa: the two faces ofPhoto: 4DX hyperVue Time in 3D logoPhoto: Think of reality as a vail. We must learn to see beyond the vail in order to see the truth.Photo: Vanessa Cherry in memoriumPhoto: artist michaelm and sonPhoto: The baby is viewing two photons in collisionPhoto: Myrna Velasquez in memorium Jan 18, 1994, Northridge CAPhoto: Spin both macro and microPhoto: Charles Hastings in memoriumPhoto: Cappella: the unionPhoto: Abe Lincoln: two faces ofPhoto: The Batman Cut Out PosterPhoto: Roses in a Royal Blue Bottle VasePhoto: 3D hempStar wavePhoto: michaelm: world's first 4DX -3D stereo/subliminal artist