23 Photos - Jun 6, 2012
Photo: The before photo.Photo: Stripping it down.Photo: Almost there.Photo: The donor bike.Photo: Got the parts I need.Photo: The Versys motor in the KLR frame.  It fits, but it sits too high.Photo: Positioning in frame.  Motor is hanging from ceiling, easier to move the frame around.Photo: Frame done, motor mounted and exhaust done, fitting radiator.  Throttle bodies mounted upside down for better clearance, new bell crank made.Photo: FramePhoto: Exhaust routing to original muffler.Photo: Four months into it, looking like a bike again.Photo: New instrumentation, original ignition switch.Photo: All the electronics ended up in the battery box so...Photo: I found a smaller battery and...Photo: put it here.  It's been turned on it's side since this photo.Photo: Fuel pump housing, mounted in the battery box.  It was originally mounted in the bottom of the Versys fuel tank.Photo: This connects the throttle bodies to the original KLR air box.Photo: Ridable.  Still have a lot to do but I'm riding it!Photo: Versys dash panel fit pretty well.  Also used the switches, levers and front master cylinder.Photo: Still need to modify the oil drain.Photo: And work on the radiator grills.Photo: You can see the fabricated airbox connection.  That was a lot of work.Photo: Leftovers