19 Photos - Jul 6, 2013
Photo: Sengen shrine in the town of Fuji Yoshida - starting pointPhoto: Gracious hosts at the first hut at 2400mPhoto: Sleeping arrangements - ours was the top left bunkPhoto: Enjoying dinner with fellow hikersPhoto: Photo: Steep most of the wayPhoto: Walking stick getting branded at the 2nd hut at 3450mPhoto: Sunrise above the clouds, 3450mPhoto: Photo: Gate marking Mt.Fuji summit, 3720mPhoto: Walking along the crater rimPhoto: Top of Mt. Fuji, 3776mPhoto: Way down, still above the cloudsPhoto: Photo: Ending at 5th station, 2305mPhoto: Mt. Fuji from the hotel at KawaguchikoPhoto: Kawaguchiko, the lakePhoto: Sumptuous breakfastPhoto: