40 Photos - Jun 25, 2012
Photo: Train from Seoul to BusanPhoto: Busan ferry terminalPhoto: Overnight ferry to Fukuoka, JapanPhoto: CabinPhoto: UnwindingPhoto: Ferry ridePhoto: Photo: No language barrier here!Photo: Arriving in JapanPhoto: Train from Fukuoka to KumamotoPhoto: Bento box lunchPhoto: Ryokan in AsoPhoto: BathPhoto: Tea time!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Nakadake crater - spewing and hissingPhoto: Volcano sheltersPhoto: Prayers being offeredPhoto: Wish list being tossed into the craterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Even quick lunches are elaboratePhoto: Aso RyokanPhoto: DinnerPhoto: Aso train stationPhoto: Photo: Train to KumamotoPhoto: Train staff taking our photo - the little dog is the mascotPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: View from the hotel roomPhoto: Ferry back to BusanPhoto: