142 Photos - Aug 16, 2011
Photo: Just me on a mining waste (terril in French), near Mons in BelgiumPhoto: Waterloo, BelgiumPhoto: Stormy WeatherPhoto: Lamontzée, BelgiumPhoto: Lamontzée, BelgiumPhoto: To Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Forêt de Soignes, BelgiquePhoto: Morning LightPhoto: Forêt de Soignes, BelgiquePhoto: To Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Coming StormPhoto: Opprebais, BelgiumPhoto: Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, BelgiumPhoto: EnlightenmentPhoto: Vosges in Frnace, from the "Grand Ballon" (1424m).Photo: The Vosges, FrancePhoto: Radar of the Grand BallonPhoto: Vosges in France, from the "Grand Ballon"Photo: "Monument des Diables Bleus", Vosges in FrancePhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: WaterlooPhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Autumn 2011Photo: Autumn Colors, 2011Photo: Forêt de Soignes, BelgiquePhoto: Forêt de Soignes, BelgiquePhoto: Autumn LightPhoto: Quiet MomentPhoto: De Haan / Le Coq Beach, BelgiumPhoto: Brussels–Charleroi Canal, BelgiumPhoto: Terril LevantPhoto: The ChapelPhoto: "Gustot" windmill, BelgiumPhoto: Wind TurbinesPhoto: Obaix / Pont-à-celles ground, BelgiumPhoto: Blankenberge, BelgiumPhoto: Strépy-Thieu boat liftPhoto: Cap Gris-Nez, FrancePhoto: Cap Gris-NezPhoto: Nivelles, BelgiumPhoto: In the LightPhoto: Face in the cloudsPhoto: Descending StormPhoto: NinglinspoPhoto: BunkerPhoto: Moulin Gustot at Opprebais in BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Gold MorningPhoto: Photo: Photo: "Lac de la Haute-Sure", LuxembourgPhoto: Divine LightPhoto: Pont-à-cellesPhoto: Photo: From Objou street in Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Photo: Hairiamont, BelgiumPhoto: Hairiamont field, BelgiumPhoto: From Hairiamont, BelgiumPhoto: Cap Blanc-Nez, FrancePhoto: Cap Gris-Nez, FrancePhoto: Cap-Blanc-Nez in FrancePhoto: Cap Blanc-Nez, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Moulin Gustot at Opprebais in BelgiumPhoto: Beersel Castle, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Freedom. From Blankenberge in Belgium.Photo: LuxembourgPhoto: Lac de la Haute-Sûre, LuxembourgPhoto: De Haan, BelgiumPhoto: Marais de Harchies, BelgiumPhoto: Fondry des Chiens, BelgiumPhoto: Luttre, BelgiumPhoto: From the "Grand Ballon", Vosges, FrancePhoto: The Vosges, FrancePhoto: Vosges, FrancePhoto: Vosges, FrancePhoto: Vosges, FrancePhoto: The Vosges, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Grand Ballon radar, FrancePhoto: Photo: Vosges, FrancePhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: BelgiumPhoto: My DreamPhoto: Les Fagnes, BelgiquePhoto: The Only WayPhoto: High Fens, BelgiumPhoto: Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, BelgiumPhoto: Storm after the sunset, BelgiumPhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Pont-à-celles, BelgiumPhoto: Golden TreePhoto: Ninglinspo, BelgiumPhoto: Ninglinspo, BelgiumPhoto: Wild NaturePhoto: ColzaPhoto: ViesvillePhoto: ViesvillePhoto: Luminous CloudPhoto: De Haan, BelgiumPhoto: Lamontzée, BelgiumPhoto: Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Pont-à-celles SunsetPhoto: Pont-à-celles WindmillsPhoto: Photo: Pont-à-celles SunsetPhoto: Photo: Rosseignies, BelgiumPhoto: Photo: Strépy-Thieu boat liftPhoto: Photo: Blending and Luminosity MasksPhoto: Terril St-Jacques, CharleroiPhoto: Sunset on Viesvilles, BelgiumPhoto: Fort Mahon, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Fort VaubanPhoto: Audresselles, FrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Something I found on my disk... If I remember well, it was a test with a GND HITECH filter. Taken at Luttre, Belgium.Photo: Photo: Hello G+!

I'm still alive and my camera is not sold yet ... ;-)Photo: Blankenberge PierPhoto: Lac de l'Eau d'Heure, Cerfontaine