10 Photos - Jun 22, 2012
Photo: Portrait of the Artist's Mother Barcelona, 1896. Pastel on paper, 49.8 x 39 cm. Signed and below left: P.Ruiz Picasso/96.Photo: Female nude from back - Pablo Picasso 1895Photo: Pablo Picasso - The old fisherman 1895Photo: Pablo Picasso - Portrait of artists' Father, 1896Photo: Picasso - Self-portrait with Uncombed Hair (1896)Photo: Picasso's Carmen Charcoal and pastel on cardboard 49.8 x 39 cm. Pablo Picasso Madrid September-October 1897Photo: Pablo Picasso - Science and Charity, 1897Photo: Picasso - Portrait of Josep Cardona 1899Photo: Pablo Picasso - A spanish couple in front of inn 1900Photo: Pablo Picasso - Moulin de la Galette 1900