20 Photos - Jan 24, 2014
Photo: An engrossed AudiencePhoto: Happy togetherness at the ConclavePhoto: ANMI-WIRC EC meetPhoto: Another section of audiencePhoto: ANMI-WIRC Chairman Mr. Hemant Desai welcoming the membersPhoto: ANMI President Dr. Prasada Rao giving initial remarks about ANMIPhoto: Happy togetherness at the ConclavePhoto: Panel DiscussionPhoto: Section of AudiencePhoto: Another section of audiencePhoto: Panel DiscussionPhoto: Audience in a light moodPhoto: Mr. Ashish Chauhan, BSE, Mr. Ravi Varanasi, NSE at the ConclavePhoto: In a light moodPhoto: All in "All Smiles"Photo: Mr. Sameer Desai, ED, Goldman Sachs addressing the conclavePhoto: Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Head of Pre Sales, Dion addressing the conclavePhoto: ANMI-Alt. President Mr. Nareesh Tejwani proposing vote of thanksPhoto: Mr. Syed A. Asim, COO, Dion addressing the ConclavePhoto: Section of audience