26 Photos - Jan 14, 2010
Photo: View from our room at the Westin, Long Beach, CAPhoto: Photo: Photo: Over the mountains and through more mountains ... to Steven's house we goPhoto: Camp Pendleton ... Marine BasePhoto: Photo: Photo: Steven's street ... Steven's 2 palm treesPhoto: Thought of Courtney when I saw thisPhoto: Huntington Beach, CAPhoto: Queen Mary, Long Beach, CAPhoto: Sal, Debbie, Gerry, Rosie, Pat, StevePhoto: Four men of the cloth who are remembered and honored in the chapel of the Queen MaryPhoto: Jesus and Mary ... in the Chapel of the Queen MaryPhoto: Queen MaryPhoto: Queen MaryPhoto: Queen MaryPhoto: Queen MaryPhoto: Queen Mary engine room ... and PatPhoto: Queen Mary Engine RoomPhoto: My dad's initials found on the steps of the Queen MaryPhoto: Where the Spruce Goose was housed in Long BeachPhoto: Photo: Catalina ExpressPhoto: Photo: Our Westin Hotel ... hidden behind the Aquarium in Long Beach