20 Photos - Jun 14, 2013
Photo: Disclosure. #LightMyWayPhoto: I am always working on sewing and crafting projects late at night since the kiddos are in bed, but I never seem to have enough light, even when my craft room light is on! I mean, look at how dull the my craft room light is! It's definitely not bright enough.Photo: So, I picked up my mom one late muggy evening and we took a trip to our local Wal Mart to purchase a solution to my craft-lighting issue. That is one bright Wal Mart sign! It draws me in. Maybe I can take the sign home and that will give me enough sewing light! Ha ha!Photo: Our first stop was Lawn and Garden. I have really been on the hunt for a new patio set with an umbrella. This one is so pretty. I would love to have it in my backyard!Photo: Since we were in the Lawn and Garden department, I decided to get some things to make a fun project with my daughter and to make a gift for my Dad for Father's Day. I love these little Bonsai trees. They are so cute!Photo: After getting all of my needed garden supplies, I couldn't help but notice the selection of bikes Wal Mart has. I mean, it's massive! They have a ton to choose from!Photo: Of course, no Wal Mart trip is complete without browsing the Fabric section. I love these pre-cut fabric pieces! The selection Wal Mart has is great. Such fun patterns!Photo: After drooling over all the fabric, I headed on over to the Bulbs & Accessories Isle where they had the thing I came for-- Headlamps!Photo: Look at the selection of these awesome Energizer Headlamps! I can't pick just one. They are all so cool!Photo: I love this Energizer Brilliant Beam Headlamp. This will be perfect for my night-time sewing projects because it gives off up to 250 feet of light. It will definitely #LightMyWay to great night-time sewing projects!Photo: Since my daughter loves to read at night in her bed, I decided to get the Energizer LED Headlight. I know she will love it!Photo: I also picked up a pack of AAA batteries to keep on hand in the house. You can never have too many Energizer batteries!Photo: I can't help but gawk at the HUGE selection of TVs that Wal Mart carries. I love they have so much to choose from!Photo: I can't wait to see Monster's University! Look at all the fun toys for the kiddos. Sully is my favorite character. Who is yours?Photo: My daughter is always dancing and singing and loves to be in front of the camera. I know she would LOVE to have this. This would make a great Christmas present!Photo: I am LOVING the I Heart Nail Art Street Style polishes. The colors are bold and bright, just like me! :)Photo: After checking out those cool polishes, I also noticed the large selection of affordable sun glasses. I love these. They are only $5! Score!Photo: My shop is complete! I got some lawn and garden supplies, my Energizer Headlamps, and my Mom picked up some food to make a late-night taco salad. Time to check out!Photo: As we wait in line, I chuckle because it seems like Wal Mart is always full at 10 pm! I guess some customers like to do late night errands and projects just like me!Photo: I am loving the crisper light given off by my Energizer Headlamp! It definitely makes everything clearer, the light is brighter, and it extends my visible workspace at night! Thanks, Energizer, for giving me a chance to #LightMyWay to better nighttime sewing!