5 Photos - Oct 19, 2012
Photo: The trolley workers took down the mines.Photo: Wooden beams help miners monitor what is going on around them. If they start to give, they know a collapse could occur soon. However, the foreman is responsible for checking the mine and ensuring it is safe for workers before they start their shift.Photo: This is actually a tall space. The trade-off for working in this larger area, you are more endangered to potential cave-ins. Back in mining's hey day, 2 workers died a day.Photo: A smaller space allows a miner to feel everything around them. A small space may seem cramped to us, but our guide assured us that miners felt safer in these spaces and preferred them.Photo: To demonstrate how dark the mines actually are in which to work, our guide turned off the lights and turned on his dim light. Pretty dark, right? Our guide also explained that when mules were used in the mines in the 'olden days', they never saw light. The poor things lived and worked underground their entire lives.