26 Photos - Jun 28, 2009
Photo: We are pretty much done with the framingPhoto: See the low voltage wires for the recessed lights (2) that will go in the front overhang.Photo: Had to add some pieces to the front "A" frame so the cement board would have something flush and solid to screw in to.Photo: See the double ridge beam going thru since you can't use a regular ridge like in wood consturction.Photo: I'm pointing to the 1 of the 2 ridge beams.Photo: Mike and I thought it would be a good idea to add a door in the rear to access a plug, low voltage lighting transformer and a way to peek in to the dome. Check out our steel studs in case they have a party in there.Photo: More framming detailsPhoto: Oven from the frontPhoto: oven from the front againPhoto: See the double ridge beam againPhoto: Cat likes the back doorPhoto: View looking at our house from the roof top of the ovenPhoto: Photo: This is her oven, her dome, her toy.Photo: 4th cooking fire.Photo: We had 700 degree plus for 3 hours so the interior turned white againPhoto: These are appetizer pizza bases. They come out and we add smoked salmon and dill cream.Photo: this is our Far Niente style "house bread". Comes out quite authentic.Photo: Photo: Photo: Our famous (done twice alread and it's achieved "famous" status already) : Shrimp & pesto pizza.Photo: Dino thows it in, turns it once or twice and under 2 minutes it comes out.Photo: Shrimp and pesto pizza.Photo: Photo: Ry is showing us the aromas in the Riedel glass are intensified as they flow into the nose while the foreword palate allows expansion of secondary, deeper flavors to develop without concentrating the tannins on the sensitive side receptors of the tongue. I've argued the point with him a few times already and he may be right.Photo: Toys: copper flashing for the vent, slate roof and small vents for air flow in the roof. Oh, and PLUMERIAS! Our first blooms of the summer. Yippie.