43 Photos - Aug 13, 2012
Photo: Photo: NASCAR President Mike Helton, who owns 2 Airstreams himself really likes the look of this 27 Airstream wagon wheel!Photo: Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Sr VP of Competition, joins Mark and Chris G (GAR 018) for a tour of their 1954 Safari.Photo: Photo: Gail G (GAR 119) and Joe F (FOD 080) join in.Photo: Photo: Gail G (GAR 119) w/ NASCAR President Mike HeltonPhoto: Top NASCAR brass draws some attention and cameras!Photo: Gail, Robin, Chris, and MarkPhoto: Dogs?  Who brings dogs to a NASCAR track?Photo: Leo, Gail, Robin, & ChrisPhoto: Mike & Robin arrived in this slick looking HotCarts.com golf cart.  A hummer I suppose?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Dale Jr 88 Pit Sign out on Pit Road Sunday morning.Photo: Even the weekend crew sign autographs.Photo: You reach for that cover and you'll attract the attention of crew members.  No peeking - lug nut glue setting up...Photo: Gail in front of the Diet Mountain Dew #88 Pit Box.  Dale Earnhardt JR of course!Photo: That's on MY bucket list - to sit on top of the pitbox for one  of Jr's races!  Awesome!Photo: Pit road may look packed, but it's primarily this crowd occupying Jr's pit stall and those trying to get into Jr's pit stall.  Watch and see...Photo: Miss Gail with the 14 degree Turn 1 behind her...Photo: No, that's not a Sunoco hat...Photo: Timing is everything and lug nuts should be glued down in place at the right time to ensure both adhesion and the proper taffy like release when these wheel get put onto the studs...Photo: Everybody is doing it...Photo: ...except for this hardworking M&M's guy taking a nap.  Don't see him?  Look on the floor of this upper deck...Photo: 8 Sets of tires, lugnuts glued, and ready to install...Photo: 5 time champion Jimmy Johnson's pitbox -- NEAR EMPTY. (told you so)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is the real thing folks.  All of those red flags and red brackets need to be removed prior to flight.  The foam suspended above the wings is to keep the wing fuel tanks cool while it's parked in the sun.  Coming to a neighborhood near you in the not too distant future...Photo: Not a tank, but a personnel carrier.  Rocket launchers, mortar launchers and a heavy gauge machine gun all to protect our troops during transport.Photo: A helo.  Is it an Apache?Photo: This is twice this woman has been caught near M&M's gear.  She's likely hoping that Kyle comes along because now she needs a ride home... ;)Photo: The flyover for Sunday's racePhoto: Ah huh...  Told you she was caught TWICE...Photo: Packing up and heading home on Monday morning?  There's no better way to leaving a race weekend than to do either a 3-lap ride-along or a full 8 lap driving program.  NICE!Photo: A nervous smile?  Never climbed into a car through a window in front of dozens of people?  Never gone 170mph?  He he he...Photo: Buckled in and cleared for take-off (play video in next frame)...Photo: The ride's all done and that's a kick-ass smile going on right there...  "That was over way too quick, but it was awesome."