52 Photos - Jul 13, 2012
Photo: on our way to the Pocono NASCAR racePhoto: we cross at the Thousand Islands BridgePhoto: into the United States ....Photo: we gather at a Walmart, near Syracuse, for the nightPhoto: I am sure there is a lot to discuss !!!Photo: we travel through rural New YorkPhoto: the little caravan moves down the InterstatePhoto: we are heading the correct way .....Photo: they are in front ....Photo: and they are behind ...Photo: Happy hours take place in the shadePhoto: we arrive and get set up .... two circlesPhoto: some people gather under the tent  ... by the end of the rally we were all under the tentPhoto: Photo: the wagons are circled at the Pocono racewayPhoto: and all good Airstreamers ... eat!Photo: members of the Ontario unit are no exception !!! Elaine, Vic, Roger, Duncan, PatPhoto: we were visited by  ARCA Driver Nick Idgalsky who made a quick stop in to say hello.  He and his wife Brandy were on their way to dinner.Photo: Ontarians enjoy happy hour under the tentPhoto: the stands at the Pocono trackPhoto: people start to fill their seatsPhoto: Photo: Air PoconoPhoto: Photo: Photo: the EndPhoto: more trailer scenes .................Photo: Photo: there we are in the middle of the picture .... the view from our seatsin the stands on race dayPhoto: the cars start to rollPhoto: Photo: the start spotPhoto: covered for rainPhoto: You can find both edges of our wagon wheel near the left and right extremes right in the middle of the photo.Photo: Photo: the line up .... drivers start your engines!Photo: they are moving ..... !!!!Photo: they pass by on the far side of the trackPhoto: and sometimes there is a crowd together on the trackPhoto: the lap sign keeps you up to date ..... 50 out of 200 done ...Photo: Photo: a stop in the pits ....Photo: "the gas station"Photo: Photo: Photo: we moved after a rain and crash delay and watched the end of the race from herePhoto: there goes the winner .............Photo: this is the second place carPhoto: the following are some great ways to watch the race ..............Photo: Photo: Photo: the sun sets on a great day ..... in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, August 1, 2010