22 Photos - Mar 5, 2012
Photo: One-man Bajaj?? (ref: http://www.edupics.com/photo-bajaj-jakarta-indonesia-i7729.html)Photo: Wet night in GionPhoto: Early sakura in a parkPhoto: Street Art - I think I can see the artist's contact detailsPhoto: Looking down the bridge in the gardens of the Heian shrinePhoto: *Geisha in a hurry*

I had been in Geian for almost two hours. I'd pretty much given up hope, when this vision floated past, hurrying with some burden. 

Nothing seemed to stop her: everyone just stood aside and bowed.

What could I have done?Photo: The gardens of Ginkaku templePhoto: The Philosopher's Road is very bare in winterPhoto: A pavilion in the gardens of the Heian shrinePhoto: Heian ShrinePhoto: Bamboo forest at InariPhoto: Fushimi Inari Taisho - Definitely worth going in the late afternoonPhoto: Can you see the Golden Pavillion from here?Photo: Tea ceremony at the Nijo CastlePhoto: Girls in yukataPhoto: A very cool fan shopPhoto: The fountain at Kiyomizu-deraPhoto: Stop a moment, and read from the collection at the Kyoto International Manga MuseumPhoto: A Garden at Sanjusangendou TemplePhoto: Tempura Udon - from near the Golden PavilionPhoto: Huge Soba and Tempura meal - from near Kyoto stationPhoto: Sukiyaki and Karaage - from near Kyoto station