83 Photos - Feb 19, 2012
Photo: Japanese countrysidePhoto: Japanese countrysidePhoto: Japanese countrysidePhoto: Shinkansen - the one and only "Bullet Train"Photo: More than you know... #engrishPhoto: Rainbow bridgePhoto: Not the cast of my pleasure... #engrishPhoto: Hello Kitty on a Unicorn!Photo: Twice as much Culture! #engrishPhoto: Self portraitPhoto: Hunter at the duck pondsPhoto: Mt Fujimi - does it mean "small Fuji"?Photo: Sakura in the Hamari-kyu gardensPhoto: Apple StorePhoto: Car trails in RoppongiPhoto: Photo: Photo: Stuffed strawberries (a traditional dessert)Photo: Takoyaki on my platePhoto: Cooking takoyakiPhoto: Our chefPhoto: So professionalPhoto: The day after the snow, everything cleared up to this gorgeous view!Photo: You wouldn't want to be drinking near these stairs, or anything...Photo: The entire barPhoto: I was literally crammed into the corner over the stairsPhoto: Lanterns on the alley where we found the tiny barPhoto: In search of a tiny bar.Photo: I even at this bit!Photo: About to eat my first piece of fugu. I survived!Photo: The plate of fuguPhoto: Sashimi platterPhoto: Residue. Little bits of rice left behind.Photo: The sake drinkers. Don't ask about the beer.Photo: A cup of that cloudy sakePhoto: My favourite bottle of the night. It's not completely fermented, which is why it's cloudy. Was slightly sparkling, which was very fun.Photo: Photo: Not something I'd ride in a hurryPhoto: My commute this morningPhoto: Photo: Winter "Wonderland"?Photo: Photo: Sunset over TokyoPhoto: Moe!Photo: I don't know if this rabbit is late, but she certainly looks like she wants to leave Harajuku! #daveinjapanPhoto: This giant gate guards the entrance to Yoyogi park, where the Meiji shrine is. I would not have believed such tranquility could be found in the heart of a huge city. #daveinjapanPhoto: Shinjuku gardens. Tranquil and peaceful in the middle of the metropolis.Photo: Shinjuku alleywayPhoto: Zojoji at nightPhoto: If you can't find it here...Photo: Figurine display in AkihabaraPhoto: Near my hotel. Says it all, really.Photo: EvangelionPhoto: Galaxy S II LTE billboardPhoto: Shibuya crossingPhoto: I don't know what a Book Off is, but it's to the leftPhoto: Seriously, what?Photo: Dinner in ShibuyaPhoto: SubwayPhoto: I had about five of these full of chankoPhoto: ChankoPhoto: They don't call it 'sake': they call it 'nihon-shu'Photo: YakitoriPhoto: You'll never guess what animal this was! (Ok it was horse)Photo: Raw chicken liverPhoto: Lanterns outside a restaurantPhoto: Now if only I could teach it about flat whites...Photo: A perfect cup every timePhoto: A constant stream in and out of the officePhoto: Photo: The traffic never stops. Even late at night Roppongi-mori is busy, and my room faces on to this! #daveinjapanPhoto: Loving TokyoPhoto: Tokyo nightsPhoto: Observation deck at the Mori TowerPhoto: Authentic Japanese ramen in Japan!Photo: Tokyo and Mt Fuji.
Taken from the Google Tokyo office.Photo: Vending machines are everywhere!Photo: Tokyo TowerPhoto: Tokyo TowerPhoto: Is it wrong that I had Korean BBQ on my  first night in Japan? At least it was cooked on crystal!Photo: The robots are invading!Photo: Harajuku GirlPhoto: I <3 the Rainbow Bridge