7 Photos - Oct 6, 2011
Photo: Contents of the standard OpenEnergyMonitor kit for single CT monitoringPhoto: First solder in the resistors, 2x 470k and 15R in the top right hand corner, 10K on the bottom  left and 100R on the right.Photo: Add the 4x 100nF capacitors, orientation is un-importantPhoto: Add the 16Mhz crystal and two 22pF de-coupling capacitorsPhoto: Add the Atmega chip holder and mini-usb socketPhoto: Add the 3.5mm jack socket to CT channel 2, MCP1702 voltage regulator 2x 10uF electrolitic capacitors (orientation is important) and FTDI connection - next we just need to add the LED (insert from rear), RFM12 and antenna.

Note: it might be easier to solder on the RFM12B wireless module before the mini-usb.Photo: The finished board. All ready for single channel CT monitoring. Sorry about the poor photo quality.

Next step is to upload the Arduino firmware for single channel CT monitoring. See firmware page for instructions: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/211