39 Photos - Jun 4, 2013
Photo: The Valentine DD TankPhoto: The Valentine DD TankPhoto: Bedford Truck in German LiveryPhoto: German SoldiersPhoto: Reinforcements ArrivingPhoto: TruckPhoto: TrucksPhoto: More Trucks...Photo: JeepPhoto: Jeep & TrucksPhoto: Time for a pintPhoto: TankPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Conversing with the enemyPhoto: Dave Gibb, Tank Ramp VeteranPhoto: Photo: Hog RoastPhoto: Photo: GunsPhoto: BulletsPhoto: More gunsPhoto: Photo: On TargetPhoto: More GunsPhoto: Photo: Thebe finds the channel.Photo: IndipupPhoto: Indipup sees Thebe run aground.Photo: RAF Sea KingPhoto: RAF Sea KingPhoto: A relaxing boat ride.Photo: I can see the Pub from here!Photo: Thebe passing the Tank Ramp.Photo: RAF Sea KingPhoto: SpitfirePhoto: RAF BBMF Spitfire