29 Photos - Aug 12, 2007
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Down to finish the lapPhoto: Coming into Race HQPhoto: Photo: Airport overlook on the out/backPhoto: Coming out of race hq's.  You turn right for a short out/back before you head down to the left.Photo: Photo: Photo: Crossing the creek on Reedy Creek TrailPhoto: Take the high roadPhoto: Photo: location of Aid Station #2Photo: Starting up N Turkey Creek TrailPhoto: Photo: There are a couple un-manned water stops in addition to the 2 main aid stationsPhoto: Last hill on N Turkey Creek up to GraylinPhoto: Photo: Wisteria in bloom - smells nicePhoto: Photo: Crossing creek on GraylinPhoto: Watch where you stepPhoto: Almost therePhoto: unmanned aid on N Turkey CreekPhoto: Aid Station #2Photo: Inside a cabinPhoto: Photo: Airport overlook