45 Photos - Jun 16, 2013
Photo: Even the simplest quest has dialogue worth reading.Photo: Some pretty sunsets in 2.0.Photo: Let's go on an adventure!Photo: Gathering together for my first Guildhest.Photo: A pretty /posePhoto: That scarecrow isn't working...Photo: Photo: Photo: Poor Lalafell husbandPhoto: Sometimes it's awkward to be shortPhoto: I thought he was going to eat me!Photo: More pretty sunsetPhoto: FIGHT FIGHT!Photo: HehePhoto: Don't worry guys, I will heal you.Photo: Like a bossPhoto: Photo: Pose for a picture guys!Photo: Taking a well deserved breakPhoto: So cute!Photo: Some very interesting areasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Where is Muad'Dib when you need him?Photo: Everything looks so amazingPhoto: Photo: I loved this awesome desert!Photo: We found a place to cool off for a bitPhoto: I think I have sand in my underwearPhoto: Classic FF, thank you SE!Photo: Photo: I may have teared up a little...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Scary!Photo: Photo: Woohoo airship ride!Photo: Photo: