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Photo: co-existing
if you could communicate w/any lifeform, what would you want to know, and from whom?

a fin's length of glass separates us from another world
a flick of our tails brings us closer together
you taught us colors and voice signals, and you gave us free health care
we don't know what we can teach you
but we can show you that it is possible to coexist...

...as long as you feed us first. fun fact- whale sharks are filter feeders and they will not eat the other fish :)

+Charles Lu
thoughts others have shared:

+Serge Ivanov So it took me a while to gather my jaw from the floor after being blown away by the deep blue and million aquatic lifeforms...

As for your question...

Each life form seems to have its physical and biological limits, and what I really would want to know is if we are the only ones that dream of breaking them.

Birds enjoy incredible freedom of movement, but even so are ultimately trapped on this planet.
I would probably ask a bird if it was aware of this, and if so, how it felt about it. I would want to know if the bird was aware of something beyond our atmosphere, or if it even cared at all. Somehow I suspect it would be far more interested in finding some food than philosophizing such things.

+Fabio Bucchieri I'd love to be able to communicate with trees and plants in general. I have this theory about all plants on earth being able to form a sort of network through their roots that could act like an interface via which they can share all kinds of information....if I was able to interact with them I would also want to feel the pain that they share when another tree (or a group of them) is destroyed.......I must now go and take my daily dose of antipsychotics... :)
I love this post +shirley lo and the image is breathtaking!!

+anne-marie Janssen fabulous shot and good question! In general I like to observe the animals, but every time the geese fly over I wonder where they heading. I sometimes say it out loud. Their response is: "gak gak". ;-)

+Tim Behrens Such a beautiful photograph, and such a great question to go with it.

I think, in so many ways, that other lifeforms are communicating with us all the time. We just expect that, for something to resonate, it must be with words. Any question I could ask would be contrary to the power of simplicity, the all pervasive now, the instinctual drive to exist, and the ease with which most creatures do it.

If they could communicate with us, I think they would ask why we worry so much about the things we have no control over and stand by in ignorance of all the things we do, why we take so much more than we need while surrounded by others who need it more, and why is it that a species that spends so much of it's time pondering the future while forsaking the present is so blind to the what our disconnect from the world, and inability to live in harmony, will eventually bring.

Yet, in this picture, I see hope, peace, awakening... if we could just hang on to it when it wasn't right before us.

+James Merritt this is fantastic.
I have no questions for other species but I have tons for my own

+Wes Lum +shirley lo first I would have to master this communicating with humans thing, but second on the priority list would be communicating with dogs! :)

I wish we didn't have to worry about feelings and people could communicate honestly without that fear. I wish people could not get hurt by honesty.

As far as what I would want to know from my dog? What he's thinking when he's looking at me waiting for something...then again, maybe it's better that I can't communicate so easily :)

+Mailis Laos so beautiful
I would like to ask dolphins if any human have ever guessed right what they were saying.

honestly, +shirley lo, most of my questions stem from the fact that we wrap ourselves up in the cotton of our first person perspective. I wonder how much is learned habit, how much innate and how much can be short circuited.

I don't believe in the separation (gender, race, etc) most people tend to look on as fact and I find it disheartening when people divide themselves up in camps because they completely reduce their experiences. I'd like to see ego geography erode more.

+Dhopy Nepp I especially want to communicate with plants, mainly trees.
I think they should have many things to teach ...

+pam kelso Sit quietly with them, blank your mind and a connection will form. In emergencies, although it sounds stupid, I've asked for my guardian angels to connect with theirs to help find out their needs in that moment. It always worked, but again, it does sound stupid and it's probably best not to do it out loud.

+Melody Migas Beautiful photo and post.
Probably a dolphin from the gulf. I'd ask how they and their neighbors are really doing after the BP oil spill.

+Hans Huether Trees. They live longer then us naturally but not when it comes to industrially. They watch the same place all the time so they know the changes of that area more then anyone. They can tell us if over the years their photosynthesis process has changed with an increase in O2/CO2. :) Wow I sound like a Tree Huger...lol

+boo Jay I just wanna know why my dogs sniff each other's butts. I can think of much more hygienic ways to say hello.

+Meg Rousher Wonderful Image
I thought I'd like to ask an old living creature where it's been. Then I found out it's a tortuous and thought they move so slow I've probably been more places than it has. Then I thought maybe ask the oldest tree what it's seen & thought it's probably in the woods somewhere and hasn't seen much. Then I thought ask a creature from another planet what it's like out there in the universe and thought they don't talk to us just experiment on us & don't want any part of that. So I guess I'd want to talk with God and ask where he came from and how many universes there are.
Another great question Shirley. Thanks for keeping our minds going :)

+PJ Ammidon You inspire such great communication with your posts! Amazing photos & thought provoking words. I just can't keep from giggling with this one though, because ... I'm thinking... do teenagers count as another lifeform? ;) Otherwise, I'd like to know what it feels like to glide through the air like a hawk.

+Stephen Zacharias Well I think +Wes Lum made a good point. I think many of us humans aren't even that great when it comes to communicating well with each other.

As for another life form that's really hard to say! I think we could so learn so much from a variety of them. I think perhaps I would have to say the majestic American Bald Eagle.

+Amine Yorke so magic vision and really emotive ! i wish i could comunicate with trees so I could earn more time by sharing some of my time with them ;) cheers, your photos are really beautiful ! +shirley lo

+Kyla Glaser ESQ. I think I would want to talk with humming birds and find out what each flower tastes like and which one tastes the best.

+Scott Mc This photo caught my attention right away. The scale, the silhouettes, the fish each keeping to their own schools, the dress, and the variety of species. It looks less like a couple at an aquarium and more like they are looking through a glass wall of the ocean. I’m not a photographer, just someone that was drawn in by this photo. Mesmerizing, thanks for the perspective.

+Victoria Gonzalez i'd like to talk to a blue whale. i imagine they're wise fellows.

+Lupe M. Luevano This is very awesome capture...Like the ocean was sliced open...It shows how small the human race is...... My communication is to human species.... Why can't you extend a little kindness to the people you come in contact with no matter in what type of contact...not necessarily charity... for that is easy to do... why not be open to your fellow human and not cocoon yourself in what you feel is your safe world... That little kindness could make a tremendous difference to the person you extend it to...And you would be surprised how it makes you feel good... Thank you +shirley lo for bringing this wonderful work..... : )

+Darryl Van Gaal Great question.
I'll give the (what I think to be) most obvious answer. As a dog lover, I'd love to know exactly what they are thinking at any given time. We think (or at least I do) that I'm giving him what he needs, but you never know. As humans we assume a lot of things... and you know what happens when you assume!
+Mark Esguerra Hmm, I think if I had to pick an animal to communicate with I'd pick a bird. Maybe a hawk or eagle. I'd love to hear their thoughts on how beautiful the view is from up there. ;-)

+Lavina Street the earth. and we would sit together and cry...

+Luke Storer I'd have to go with Trees as well, or buildings but they aren't strictly a lifeform they'd still have some pretty amazing stories to tell...

+Keith Dixon Aliens: and I would ask where the hell have you been, we need your help!!

+Chris Hoffmann Such a calm and peaceful scene! I'd love to speak with a turtle (leatherback, tortoise, or any other). They've been around for so long and seen many things, and still they manage to move slowly and thoughtfully in all that they do. I wish I was a little better at that! :)

+Michelle Torio Wow! Truly eye-catching photo...I love the blue and I'm in love with that gorgeous fish tank! :)
Well, I'd like to talk with the bees, if I can, and find out what's buzzing around and know what it feels like to be 'busy as a bee'!

+Philipp Weimer I would simply love to see the world the way they do.

Feeling the wind under my wings... the colors of the sea, smelling the deer a mile away, or to see in darkness without using eyes.

We would treat them better then, I think.

OH and - once again, a marvelous picture you give us here :)

+Jerry Johnson Couldn't think of a better way of concluding my G+ day, then with a wonderful post and amazing photo from the talented and kind +shirley lo!

IPhoto: sharing spring

so many different spring photos from all over the world!
feel free to look at each others photos (expand the post)
and connect with each other!

what does spring look like for you?
bears wake up from hibernation
birds return from their migration
grasses getting fresh hydration
as we enjoy a spring vacation! :)
+Charles Lu #WHPhotowalk 

+Yasmin Simpson You are a sweetheart +shirley lo thank you very much for taking the time to ask about our Spring.
Here in Scottsdale Arizona, most of the year is sunny and beautiful (love warm weather). Spring is my favorite season, the weather is one of the most perfect ones around 70-80's F (room temperature) and like almost around the world the flowers start blooming more than before and the sunsets are incredible... :).
This link shows how lucky we were receiving the Spring in our city... http://goo.gl/aBaXn
and here they are some of our flowers & cactus...http://goo.gl/ijB5S Have an awesome week!

+Serge Ivanov I have no idea how I missed this image my friend! I even have you in the main circle I check everyday... Weird...
Unfortunately I do not have any spring shots to share yet, but this one certainly makes me want to change that! The very light pink and luscious green are fantastic.

It's hard to describe spring without writing out a cliche. But that isn't by accident; spring really is rejuvenation and rebirth. Winter can be tough on one's soul and mind, especially when living in northern climates. We come out of our shell and wash away our woes and discontent of winter with rain that will be followed by the brilliant sun of summer. It is a time when one's sunlight deficiency-inspired frown is replaced by the grin of possibility and optimism!

+Vic Gundotra Beautiful reminder that it's spring :-) Beautiful shots collected in this group! http://goo.gl/GPhhS

+Sergyum Shapowalow The Urals, the day before yesterday with his son skiing, added a few photos. http://goo.gl/A1G6u
Here's such spring! I came home after work, outside the window it is snowing, 10 degrees Celsius, the wind gusting up to 20 meters per second ... The usual weather for March ... Sorry for the quality, I am - an amateur, a camera - a simple ...
Urals - in the sense of - of the mountain. and the city of Nizhny Tagil. Thank you for your attention, he added a new album. we have go also spring. http://goo.gl/mZ0p9
+Laurence Taylor Spring in Crystal Palace park, London. http://goo.gl/aSpWB

+Jeff Austin Spring is the most beautiful time of the year in Japan with both Ume and Sakura blossoming. This is from a garden in Tokyo, taken february 29th 2012: http://goo.gl/xit4q
I would love to share this with all of you and of course my family in Canada.

+Sumit Sen What a lovely shot Shirley! It so symbolizes Nature springing back to life after taking a well-deserved winter break. Spring for me, is also all about colours and new leaves and flowers and birds breaking into song! It is as if stored energy is unleashed with the promise of new life.
I'll be adventurous and share two links to my posts here. The 1st depicts Nature's splendour: http://goo.gl/s1cKk
and the 2nd is of a traditional spring festival in India - Holi, teh Festival of Colours: http://goo.gl/YxDVA
As far as seeing spring images go, I'd love to see an Arctic spring image from anyone :)

+Jasbir S. Randhawa That is an awesome depiction of Spring, Shirley! 
Sumit Sen has put it across beautifully. For me, Spring in India is the altogether brief period between when we stop wearing woollens and when we start using ceiling fans and air conditioners! During this period, everything turns green, trees sprout fresh leaves rapidly, fruit trees are in bloom, and the mating calls of birds can be heard all day long, and birds and squirrels can be seen collecting nesting material, and insects abound! :)

+Kéifus Mathews The tree's look about the same here in Florida, It's been a few days here with perfect weather, How I love this time of year here...I love looking at your pictures, thanks again and blessing to you and yours...

+Marko Haatanen I'm in Oulu Finland. I took this one a few days ago. It's not from Oulu, but still from Finland. http://goo.gl/qDPdC

+Benny Sjöstrand - What lovely view, that tree with all flowers is beautiful :) Japanese Sakura tree, if I'm not wrong(?)
I have no spring photos ready for 2012 yet, but they are coming soon, most likely in HDR :)
Some selections from previous springs in Gothenburg http://goo.gl/u8A0M

I'll certainly publish more castle photos :) There quite many castles here in Sweden.
This one in particular has not been used by military, it's more like a big summer house, with big beautiful garden, for amusement. The history is better described here http://goo.gl/2ozbX

San Francisco Bay Area
+Richard Hay Cherry Blossom day http://goo.gl/Yg69L

+John Wesche Great pictures, love them all. I didn't see one from china in there though and I lived there for a while so I thought I would link one.
black dragon pool yunnan china http://goo.gl/VbxxP

+Fabio Bucchieri my last spring shot is here: http://goo.gl/NiEGt
and I would love to see some spring photos by +Heidi Anne Morris :)

+Jeff Matsuya Spring has been slow in coming here in Japan, but the sakura (cherry) blossoms are pretty much synonymous with spring for us, and I was lucky to find one tree blooming a couple of weeks back: http://goo.gl/tZYu0
I do expect a lot more in the coming weeks, similar to this one I took last year :) http://goo.gl/GFmwr

+Jerry Johnson I finally put together a small album of a few flowers I found "hanging out" around our house. :-) Springtime flowers, and the color they bring, are a big part of our family's celebration of this season of newness! http://goo.gl/GP2LQ

+D. DeMonteverde Hi +shirley lo, here's my latest post of spring flowers. I've been challenging myself to take more spring blooms, especially the trees but it's been challenging because of the wind. Love your picture a whole lot!

+Michael Ace Very nice Shirley! Here is a "Springy" photo I have taken: http://goo.gl/iqClg
Enjoy! :)

New Mexico
+Bill Murray As you have seen of some of the photos in my collection of wonderful artists I enjoy the touch and texture of photos..My spring...and fall ....on the road to Timberon ,New Mexico..there is a section of the hiway that is lined on both sides with shimmering Aspen trees..In fall the golds are soooo bright one has to wear sun glasses to view them..in Spring..Lush greens and silver absolute nirvana!T hanks for sharing....Bill http://goo.gl/wQrHz

+Kenneth Straka Some spring photos from the Boston area. New life and new beginnings! http://goo.gl/ag3aw

+Toshi Lin 
I will describe the location I took them later in my photo album. :) http://goo.gl/6Ba3r
yes, how about this one? http://goo.gl/2jf98
Or this one? It's a kind of wildflowers.
蘭崁馬藍 Strobilanthes rankanensis http://goo.gl/0TGJO

Northeastern Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains
+Michael Mazza a photo of an early spring being enjoyed by my niece and I. http://goo.gl/S4Vxi
Mine is from the Northeastern Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains. Also, in response to your question, +shirley lo, the visible thing/things on the tree trunk consist of a yellow, deflated, smiley-face-ball and a large, gray, turned-over Rubbermaid storage tote..

+Meg Rousher Yes I do. http://goo.gl/t334P
This shot of an American Bumble Bee was taken last week in SW Florida.

New Hampshire
+Rick Castillo Spring blossoms and bumbles in Newbury, New Hampshire for +shirley lo http://goo.gl/Vomcv

+Marty Katz The crocus were an early spring surprise in Maryland, worked hard to get the light coming through just as you did with the cherry blossoms at top. http://goo.gl/4n696

New Jersey
+Lupe Luevano Murillo Ok this is my first Spring picture of 2012 no flowers just trees which I love...
Ramsey New Jersey now....but I am so close to New York
Thanks :) ~ Hope it works ~http://goo.gl/XaUL0

+Anne-Marie Janssen what a Fantastic Idea to post all these links about Spring! +shirley lo It's a joy to see all these lovely images. Spring means new energy...use it with passion :-D thanks for the connection! +shirley lo here's an image of a "blooming" willow....first sign of Spring Happy Thursday! http://goo.gl/4OzrL

New York City

+***** spring time in Central Park last week. http://goo.gl/WHaOE

+PJ Ammidon Love, love, love Spring +shirley lo . New beginnings are such a blessing ;) http://goo.gl/Wrw6X
+Toshi Lin Actually the relative position of Venus, the Moon & Jupiter is a bit different here in Taiwan. In the following link, it is a photo took by my friend. You can see the Moon is about in the middle of Venus & Jupiter. Every day the Moon roughly moves 12.2 degrees to the East in the celestial sphere. So, it will be about 6.1 degrees difference between Washington DC & Taiwan, because the time difference is 12 hours. http://goo.gl/EgFGt

+holger feroudj Here's another spring photo from Tokyo, Japan. It shows the Shinjuku Metropolitan Offices in the background and a blossoming sakura tree in the foreground. http://goo.gl/eI4sX


+Marilou Aballe Happy spring +shirley lo and fabulous spring image! Every spring I always try to visit the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin, Washington DC. Here is a shot of the Tidal Basin inlet bridge under a canopy of blooming cherry blossom that I took when I went there more than a week ago on 3/19/12:
+Christa Laser Here is one of mine of the cherry blossoms! http://goo.gl/fNjC7 

+Tisha Luk Oh ok, +shirley lo. I can link to a few Spring photos. :) http://goo.gl/4l6Xp http://goo.gl/ln553 http://goo.gl/n8HiK

+AndréPhoto: shake your tail feathers!

what are your hidden talents?

we have a talented bunch on g+! :) (expand post to see everyone's special talents!)
they say don't judge a book by its cover, nor a bird by its color.
oftentimes, what makes us special is not immediately discernible.
what if we could see everyone's inner selves readily? :)
+Charles Lu
we have a talented bunch on g+ ! :)

+Ron Bearry I have studied the martial arts for many years. I earned my black belt in Kenpo Karate in 1992. I've learned many things about myself (and motivation) along the way. I've learned that a person can accomplish anything they wish as long as they are willing to work for it!   I once participated in tournaments for fun but I don't do that now. One of the things I learned had to do with the process of learning itself. When I was much younger I didn't learn very well. While studying the Martial Arts, I came across some excellent teachers that helped me to understand that everyone learns differently and that each person has to find out how they learn and understand things. After that discovery, I decided that I can learn anything I want!

+Kathryn Brown - I am an expert four leaf clover finder. Have found literally hundreds in my lifetime - in high school, I found one for every person in my grade (84 people, small school!) and gave them out at exam time. It's not something that fits easily on the resume, but does come in handy when you need something to brighten a friend's rotten day! :) I do get a feeling when there's one around, but there's no one setting that's better for them than any other. However, once you find a 4 leafer in a particular spot, that plant has a higher percentage chance of yielding future ones, so I make note of them when finding one and return every so often. For example, most of the ones from high school I mentioned in the post above came from a single large field in VA that unfortunately has since been developed. But even those plants only have a few that are four leafers - I recently transplanted two plants which I've been picking from for years here in LA, and they've only produced two new four leaf clovers so far, the rest are regular three leafers.
Stumbled upon this talent early in life when I used to spot them while riding my horse through fields. If you can spot them at a trot, finding them on the ground is easy! ;)

+Adam Lasnik Whoa! What a massive and smile-inducing thread! (not surprising coming from you, Shirley ;-).

And to share my talents...
- More serious: Pianist :) You can catch some of my piano-playing videos at goo.gl/WVdBW and some of my older compositions at goo.gl/7Mvjq

- Less serious: Cheek percussionist. I am one of the few people in the world who can bang out fairly pitch-accurate and varied tunes by lightly slapping my (face!) cheeks with my hands. No, no YouTube videos. I have a reputation to protect :D

+Matthew Neason The spots of the peacock resemble innumerable eyes, each equally beautiful and each searching within those enamored by their beauty. Searching for the beauty that lies beyond the darkness. I wonder why beauty, not lust, but beauty transfixes us so? Perhaps our soul finds a match in the physical world, and when gazing upon something real that reflects the inner self, we become more connected with our collective conscious. The beautiful blue eyes can see the soul we pin down within us, the slave of our flesh and the saving grace of humanity. Maybe our talents, however impractical, are the only other means of portraying the marvelous essence of the soul upon one another. Nature's beautiful, yet false eyes, freeing the brave, reckless gods within us all.

+Jerry Johnson this is yet another fascinating post and the photo is superb! I will ask you to forgive me for not shaking my tail feathers though, as I didn't want to hurt my back! :-)
Hidden talent... Hmmm... I would have to say that I remember peoples faces very well for some reason. If I have had even a brief interaction with you, I will remember your face for years. I don't know why this is, but it has been there most of my life. As I've gotten older, I have learned to be selective in approaching people in airports or other public locations to figure out why I remember their face, because it can freak them out if I am not careful (too many stalkers in the news). But unfortunately the names don't always come along with the faces!!

+PJ Ammidon  I'd say one of the most useful talents I've developed in the past few years is doing medical research on the internet. Unfortunately, out of necessity, I've had to research several rare diseases and help those I love decide on treatment plans. From brain cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer to degenerative brain disease, rare diseases are particularly difficult for those that have them. There is often no clear choice for treatment and the decision about how to proceed often lies squarely on the patient's shoulders. It's unfortunate that the information about new treatments does not trickle down to local doctors for years. Thankfully, the information is out there... if you can find it.

+Tim Behrens - I have an innate ability to recognize a great picture when I see it. I recognized this one right away. :)
I'm not as good at it as I used to be, but I've been told I can be a calm in the storm. I'm fairly soft spoken and good at maintaining a peaceful air in stressful situations. Not always true, but it's something I still strive for.

+Margaret Tompkins  I support animal shelters. It's not a "hidden" talent but it's not real public either. I'm more of a "behind-the-scenes" kind of person. I'm creating a G+ page for the Brown County Humane Society to see if we can help find forever homes for all those dogs and cats that need them. I love the posts that have already been made! You are so right Shirley that G+ people are VERY talented!!

+John Hauxwell  I can put the letters in candy rock :)
Oh it was years ago +shirley lo Used to work in a sweet factory. Made lettered rock for various seaside towns around the UK and elsewhere. Blackpool, England made their own, but we used to make it for Blackpool in Australia!

+Aaron GTV with my band "Omni-" i play Ambient Rock, but by myself i play this:
this is a song i wrote called "Since i Met You"
Since i Met You "Live" acoustic video recording
and a cover of the song "Iris" goo.gl/mJoWY

+Robert SKREINER  I can communicate with animals, specifically dogs, cats, horses and birds, because I love all animals. So I understand the true nature, or rather, I have learned to understand the nature and admire. This is also reflected in my photos. goo.gl/vVWC9 goo.gl/745j1 goo.gl/yHj4v

+Amanda Torbitt Hi +shirley lo! Beautiful photo! I love the colors and the close up detail. ^^ Great question too.
Hidden talents... Empathy maybe? I'm always sensitive towards others emotions, which isn't always a good thing because I can find myself angry for example without it really being my anger(emotions can be contagious)... lol. But it's also useful in some ways to, helps me to help people which I love to do. I also forgive pretty easily. I'm better at listening than talking. So much of my talents lie in the emotional rather than otherwise. I'm okay in drawing and art related stuff, but I've yet to find what I'm exceptional at in that area. I also like trying new things. :)
If I can bring peace and happiness to people, it's one thing that gives me joy. I like to draw all sorts of things, buildings/still-life, dogs, anime/cartoon like people, other things too though those are some examples. I may post some on Google+ someday. :) I want to try pottery sometime soon. I just now tried a mango fruit(I have only had mango drinks before but not the fruit), and it was good. I will probably try the new "Sobe Water with coconut water" sometime, as I keep wanting to like coconut water for some reason, lol. :)
Currently I'm trying out a new website called Day Zero (goo.gl/3yJJe ). It's interesting so far, and seems good for goals with or without a set time limit. My list on there is here-  goo.gl/GSsVV, if you want to see it. ^^

+Serge Ivanov Fantastic color and detail +shirley lo! I have no idea how I missed this one. I think every post you make feels like a treat for all of us :) Hidden talents... My talents are so hidden that even I haven't discovered them yet! On a more serious note, I believe that I am a pretty good listener. It sounds simple enough, but apparently isn't that common. It doesn't feel like a talent because generally I am just genuinely interested in what people have to say. I find it hard not to relate in some way with someone.

+Tsegaye Hidru - This is interesting, +shirley lo. Peacock looks so beautiful.
Hidden talents: Huh! I don't know what to say. I may edit this post/comment when I remember them all :) I have excellent reflex. I'm so quick that I don't drop things. E.g. I have a record of not losing a bar of soap in the shower. :) Plus, great memory. I remember words, people, actions, etc

+John Orr  +shirley lo I try to always be conscious of others feelings and try to be as unselfish as I can. Being human it is a daily struggle but one I am happy to take on.

+Toshi Lin - Hidden talents? Interesting! ^^
I don't know if this is a talent...I feel some of my friends would like to share their secrets with me, especially those secrets they dare not to talk to any other one in the world. Probably not just some...
Another one...I don't know if it's a talent either...I didn't get mad for about 7.5 years. Yea...I think I am very calm most of the time. No, I don't do yoga nor tai chi. But I read a lot of Osho, also I like 莊子(Zhuangzi). Probably that's one of the reasons? Your questions are very interesting. I sometimes raised some questions on my facebook too. For example: What is self-confidence? What is the source of self-confidence? DoPhoto: the gathering place
what's your idea of a perfect day?

turquoise waters on one side, green mountains on the other
refreshed by liquid sunshine and rainbows aplenty.
ukulele melodies waft through the air
sharing laughs, lau lau, and lomi-lomi salmon
+Charles Lu
thoughts others have shared:

+boo Jay So +shirley lo asked me (and many others) a fairly innocent question which I never stopped to think about before. Of course, being able to enjoy the stunning, dream-like visions she shares in any of her masterful photographs would be exquisite, but seeing as how that's not my life at the moment, I thought about my perfect day as it applies to my current lifestyle and it was as easy as pie, I just never realized it.

My perfect day is pretty unexciting. It would start off with me sleeping in, my dogs serving as my blankets and pillows, waking up fresh and recharged to expend all that energy on some physical activity for hours and hours until I'm completely spent (these days that would have to be tennis). Afterwards, I'd like to go out with some friends/family (yes, AYCE sushi +Kari Kari :P), share some inappropriate laughs, old stories, and later catch a highly anticipated movie I've been dying to see. After secretly geeking out the entire time, I'll want to overanalyze the shit out of it even if there was no deeper meaning. I'll probably debate, critique, and read countless analyses until I'm satisfied that there's nothing more I could possibly want to know.

When I finally get home, I'll likely be greeted with irrational enthusiasm by my seven dogs as though they haven't seen me for years, which is the greatest feeling I've ever had and I don't know why, but I'm lucky enough to experience it everyday. Honestly, even the worse day becomes a bearable one when that happens. Eventually, I'll make my way to the couch and either have music or the TV playing in the background as one by one my little ones gather around and on top of me to keep me warm, which, like clockwork, causes me to drift away to end the perfect day.

+Kari Walker That is a perfect day!! Analyzing a movie and/or everything to death is EXACTLY what I do too and it drives everyone around me crazy!! And I only have 2 wonderful pets but it's amazing how spiritual (I think) animals are and they have such an amazing energy and the unconditional love too. Perfect day....would include going somewhere fun...oh wait, warm weather...going somewhere fun with my girls...like a park or something...learning something new and a teensy bit mind blowing....coffee/drinks or chatting on G+ with friends...and um my cat and dog. Wow, your story is SO much better and more complete Jay ;)

+Sean Green Your perfect day is a lot more precise than mine. Not working, vegging out on games, spend time with wife and cat.

+Loc Trane I can't get over the 7 dogs. Someone needs a woman in his life. ;-) I'll have to pass for now. Maybe another time as I'm in a middle of a bit of a hectic weekend. I'm sure it is on a white sand beach surrounded behind by tall windswiped green cliffs, in front a little beyond is the slow curls of blue-green ocean waves rocking a little sail boat, and next to me are my beautiful wife smiling knowingly along with me as our children running and laughing between us. Yeah, something like that will do nicely.

+Michael Mazza Unlimited money to spend with the finest of people in the most wonderful places on the Earth. Eating the greatest home-cooked meals, and sleeping in the most comfortable bed with the most beautiful woman. It suffices in fantasy and hopefully one day in reality.It's nice to imagine that "Perfect Day" and sharing it with you.

+Matthew Neason The vibrant colors of nature cascade about the dull gray buildings of man's endeavors to civilize it. The colors operate in defiance of their boundaries, and their resplendent hue invades the awkward looking buildings with it's simple perfection. A storm of opposition, where man operates in spite of the beauty ll around and nature reflects more perfectly when offered the feeble hand of man's creation to compete against. Resplendent beauty defying the walls that hold it, flaunting it's obvious superiority in humble tranquility. Rather than fighting against progress, or compromising itself, nature simply exists, and swallows the iniquities of the world, burping out sunshine.

+Michael Menefee A perfect day? Good friends, my lover, sunrise on the beach, hiking into the rainforest during the day and enjoying the sunset and stars with said company on top of a peak overlooking it all. Of course, there just happens to be a perfect secluded camping spot nearby. Maybe throw in a cool astro-show of some sort, say the Perseid Meteor Shower, some adult beverages and/or coffee and things are looking pretty darned good! ;-)))

+Duff Ashfox A perfect day would be a day of standing in a place, akin above; while the gentle blow of the wind touches once face, and heartwarmingly feeling the fine moment that it brings...

+Bill Murray - Being in the duggouts you saw, n tending fishing traps, then coming home to prepare what has been provided..and share in "family" be it extended,or just us,by campfire..Ahhhh..I can smell the hickory now..mmmm!

+Tsegaye Hidru This is so beautiful +shirley lo. Would love to sit down and see this blown up in a big screen/canvas in front of me.

Other thoughts: Mix of divine/earthly masterpiece: Most of our creations are square/rectangular form as you can see in the buildings, and the devine is more circular/curvy as you can see the roundness on the ocean and the sky. vitruvianman

+Serge Ivanov Absolutely breathtaking view!
Usually I seem to be able gather up my thoughts quickly and answer your questions but this time... it feels like I don't really know! I think something simple like spending time with family and friends away from work and the routine of everyday life would be my idea of a perfect day.
I completely agree. Life is complicated as it is, so escaping that for a while with those I love seems like the way to go.

+Margaret Tompkins
Incredibly beautiful! I love the wonderful sky and ocean and nothing beats Honolulu!! My perfect day is on the beach on the North Shore (summer - I'm not a surfer), shave ice and dinner at Pizza Bobs! If in Honolulu, then it's Alan Wong!! Oh, this photograph is so making me want to be there!! It's wonderful!!

I've never actually had pizza at Pizza Bobs in Haleiwa. They have some fantastic dishes involving fresh fish, pasta, pineapple and other yummy things! Another great day on the North Shore of Oahu is the Polynesian Cultural Center including a wonderful luau and fantastic show! You have me REALLY wanting to get back to Hawaii!! Many thanks!!

+Simon Doughty My perfect day would be one involving my girls, although a hike to take in this stunning vista and to be lucky enough to find an Eames lounge chair at the top would come a very close second. One day maybe! spectacular shot.

+Klomwang Hwang My perfect day is that I hunt for paradise with no sorrow and sufferings at all, Make the world beautiful with your hands .. with pretty Shirley o_o

+Shang Heng Wei My idea of a perfect day is spending time with family and enjoying the time together in a place like the one in +shirley lo's post photo. I used to think it is an easy thing to do. But now I realize it's easier said than done as I get older...

+Steve Anthony Herrera +shirley lo My first instinct... waking up in the place where the vista from that photo exists. Second instinct.... having someone to share that day with. ;-)

+Lupe M. Luevano The capture is so beautiful and inviting....My perfect day is to be a able enjoy a day without feeling like I have a alarm clock/time clock about to go off and I have to do everything at the speed of light... :) Otherwise I would love to be able to spend at least one day in Scotland.....

+Michelle Torio So beautiful! I love nature and it's always refreshing to see pictures like this..so jealous now.. :)
Well, a perfect day for me would always be beside loved ones in a quiet place like the beach, taking lots of pictures and eating ice cream. ;-)

+lavina street beautiful. wouldnt mind going there one day...i wish!!!my perfect day would be to have a good breakfast, then jump in the car, or (dreaming) truck, go up in the mountains,preferably yosemite, and have a picnic, take pictures, then spend the night there looking at the stars...like i said, im just dreaming here...

+Paras Shah I am seriously debating between two ides for a perfect day :D One involving food that i'm not going to mention here, but other one involve bit of a traveling... I love to go on long drive with my lovely wife, roam around on a place like Yellowstone NP, probably do some campfire and enjoy the night out there...Always love to stay close to mother-nature :))
Food, hmmmm don't get me started +shirley lo :)) Well, i can't get enough of Indian Veg food. Some spicy curry, milk sweets or mango pulp, puri (indian bread)...I guess missing some authentic taste now ;))

+Sumit Sen Outstanding shot with great clarity and depth and brilliant hues.
My perfect day would be sit alone by the side of a crystal clear river in the Himalayan foothills and see the mist rise to reveal surprises that Nature has in store for me that day :-)

+Dino Morrow Aloha +shirley lo ! Lovely shot that really captures the majesty of the diamondhead view! And for the perfect day...it seems like tomorrow's photowalk in Waikiki will qualify for me...I'm very excited to be able to pop over from Big Island and meet everyone!

+Benny Sjöstrand My perfect day is spending time doing some activity with family and best friends. Just something simple and humble, for example just having a dinner and chatting. Spending a day helping friends and family can also be a perfect day. I think those beauty moments are very few in life, wePhoto: resilience
what experience in your life seemed awful at the time,
but in hindsight, was actually a very good thing for you?

these trees have been standing here for over a millenium
and withstanding forest fires has long since become routine.
fire helps clear the ground for new trees
and open pine cones so that the seeds can grow.
sometimes, things that cause destruction may lead the way to new life

+Charles Lu 
some thoughts others have shared:

+PJ Ammidon There's almost always a silver lining +shirley lo :) Just sometimes have to look a little harder & longer for it!

+Tom Anderson Another SL + CL classic :-) I wish living without regret could be taught - some people seem to be able to see the past as constructive, others don't...

+biswas shrestha there are only some people who can actually feel the rain, while other get wet..the pic of urs show s the brighter perspective toward the life

+Fabio Bucchieri I am a bit ashamed to admit that the first 3 days after my daughter Luna was born and we figured out she had Down Syndrome were a bit awful......Mainly 'cause it was totally unexpected. But if you ask me now if there was something in my life that I would like to change I will tell you that there are a few things but surely Luna is not one of them. After those first few days, she changed me (and my wife) in ways that I cannot even explain (all for the best of course :) ) properly. For instance I have started to REALLY enjoy life and appreciate everything we have, and the amount of love and affection that little Luna has been able to take out of me has surprised even myself. In short, Luna has definitely made a better person of me.
If you have the time and you want to see Luna I have a few photos of her in my "People" album.

And what a splendid image once again! I love your style +shirley lo

+Dino Morrow Such a beautiful moment...that I can feel! ...just getting use to failure and mistakes as a truly good learning phase/experience.

+Meg Rousher Beautiful Shot
This question is very easy for me. I moved to Florida because one of my brothers told me how great Florida was and if I moved here I could stay with him and his family. I packed up my stuff & drove half was across the country, found a job & paid him the rent he asked for. I don't know what he did with the money but it wasn't long after I moved here when he came to me and said we are getting kicked out and I was on my own. I was devastated. I had no idea where I was going to live & had no friends or other family members in the state or this side of the country. It was the best thing that ever happened to me because it taught me to pay my bills before anything else or be homeless. It's been a long time since that happened but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Amazingly I do have fond memories of those peanut-butter years :)

+Jerry Johnson You have brilliantly captured a timeless peace in your photo +shirley lo!

My difficult departure from a 19 year career in corporate american opened up a door to my volunteer work in a nonprofit organization in Egypt. I can't imagine my life without the Egypt experiences...

+Ron Bearry In 2001 I was layed off from my job as the dotcom days fizzled. What I've learned is that when one door closes another one always opens.

The important thing is to remain creative and engaged so that you see that door opening. If you get in a funk or become too jaded you will miss it.

I have a better job now and even found time to finish my MBA. Great photograph!

+Jon Gauntt Sometimes you have to spend the time growing so you can be appreciative later. In the last year we moved my wife's grandparents in with us and then along came her mother. Two with diabetes (that do their best to ignore it), one with middle stages alzheimers and one that just won't quit! We love the grandmother that just won't quit (she ran a daycare until she was 81 and we forced her to change) and we are building character with the others. Life is full of opportunities and there is always a brighter side to anything. Learn to say no to yourself and say yes to others and you'll find that life had more in store for you than you ever imagined.

An interesting thing I learned about redwoods recently is that they do not have a taproot like most of the trees I am familiar with. Instead of sending their roots down, they send them out. With roots reaching out as long as the tree is tall it doesn't take long before there is a network of roots with other trees. The tree doesn't hold itself up, the whole community holds all of the trees up together. Make sure you take time to send out your roots to others, you never know when you will need them.

+Chris Mcadams Everytime we fail. It can seem like a disaster at the time, but its not normally as bad as we think. It might end up taking you down a different path in life, but you never know who you'll meet along that path.

+Suze P Reminds me of that quote from Eat, Pray Love.. "Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation" :O)

+Kirsten Bowers they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger :-))
a lesson learned in hindsight, when enough time has passed and healing is well under way...
a beautiful image +shirley lo ... i love the mood, looking forward to the light...

+Boris Bax 
+Elizabeth Snader i like thinking yes, they do. Why not?
+PJ Ammidon totally agree
+Tom Anderson relating to your past is quite difficult, anyone has a personal way to live on it, imho.

still looking at the picture...

+Josh Walker +Tom Anderson i usually find the past isn't too hard to see as constructive. I have trouble with the present sometimes, though. O.o

+shirley lo thanks for the reminder :)

+* Experiences...all i think of at this time is when i was going to school, people used to pick on me alot. i was a total loner. had few friends. riding the bus was traumatizing also...finally in high school, my mom had to drive me and pick me up because it got so bad...the good thing from that is that it made me appreciate the person who i am now. i went thru alot of crap. depression, alcoholism, lonliness, but im better...i have became the person i always wanted to be...i wish that my momma was here to see it, maybe she is...im glad i have my family here to support me. and friends who i trust and love...i never had that before. learning alot about the real life im supposed to live...having sober adventures like never before...ive learned about honesty and trust...and caring for someone which i thought was never possible...never knew i had it in me.

+Ajeesh Kumar i feel like i would go and hug that tree.... he's like a very very very very very old grandfather ain't he? i would want to feel the peace, calmness and joy that his spirit spreads around him for all beings... want to sit in the coolness of his shadow imagining his life through the histories... imagining how his obstacles gave him power to overcome, imagining how God has given his attributes to him and others alike to sustain themselves, which actually is the key factor how we are having a sustained living now..., gracefully... :)

+Serge Ivanov I love how it seems like you two are making a fascinating discovery in this shot!

I didn't really know how to answer the question right away. What comes to mind now is how awful I thought it was moving away from the city as a teenager. Since I lacked a car, there weren't many things to do that I found interesting. Because of the lack of audiovisual stimulation of big city lights I had to create my own.

I explored writing, drawing, and more recently, photography. It also helped me concentrate on maths and sciences which led to my job in the technology industry. I can't really say that the experience made me good at any one thing, but I think it allowed me to explore different interests and developed me into a well-rounded and slightly more interesting individual than if I had stayed in the city.

Now that I am back among the skyscrapers, I am better able to appreciate all of the sights and sounds. I find aesthetic and mathematical beauty in everything I see, and I believe this ability enriches my life profoundly.

+John Freeman What happened in my life; to my life 22 years ago, seemed completely devastating. Yet, now, it has enriched me, life and my love for my fellow human beings, the ecological system, the Earth, and even the Universe. For all that “I” Built was torn down and destroyed. Now I have it all! I could never have generated this life on my own. Only the “Creator’s Universe” could have done this for me. The “fire” renewed my forest and gave new life to my “Tree of Life” for now “I AM”.

+Matthew Neason Destruction is a form of creation; an art form woven into the souls of mankind. We all become stronger through strife and difficulty, but only the strongest and luckiest trees resist the flames and catch the glinting sunlight anew.

+Randall Sanger Beautiful image, I've enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments . . . this speaks to me, reminds me of the new direction my life took a few years ago, and it's been an amazing journey!

+Sumit Sen We have a very old Banyan tree in our city (Kolkata, India) called the Great Banyan Tree. It is the largest Banyan tree in the world in terms of area covered and has a circumference of 1 kilometre. The main trunk died many years ago, but the aerial roots that had spread out kept the tree alive and well. Life is like that. It begets new life and the cycle continues.
Lovely image.

+Scott Durham 
if at any time you think your world is coming down around you...
the smoke is choking the life out of you
the fire is chars you flesh
the light of day diminishes more with every passing second...
remain resilient stay strong
never ever give up...
the light of day will shine upon your face once more

thanks everyone for the great company +Trey Ratcliff +TinaPhoto: connected by stars

in 50 years, what do you want to be remembered for?

we can only imagine what the stars have seen
from the glaciers carving these cliffs millions of years ago
to the awahnichi, miwok, paiute and mono tribes tending to the land
to the 1800s when yosemite inspired the first national parks.
we're only a blip in time and may never cross paths with each other
but we're all connected by the stars above us

+Charles Lu 
some thoughts others have shared:

+shawn m. robicheaux trying to leave a good legacy behind! doing good deeds for others when they need it most!

+Tom Anderson My mind has been racing; many thoughts and emotions this morning; but no time to share them! Oops! So, I thought I'd put up this pic I took at Yosemite on New Years Eve. Pretty amazing what a camera can capture in low-light these days. I didn't even know this was technically possible with my camera. (It's a Nikon D3S which is supposed to be great at low-light exposure.) This is a single exposure, not an HDR compilation of pics. Here's another exposure I took on the same night that I already shared with a more "natural" look: http://bit.ly/AnjTF8 Here's one +shirley lo and +Charles Lu took at the same spot: http://bit.ly/A6sjZb and here's one from +Trey Ratcliff before the sun went down: http://bit.ly/wy5uVG Are those shooting stars? Your guess is as good as mine. goo.gl/mFKqs

+Andrew Clifton-Brown Being a better man than my father.

+Philipp Weimer Being remembered 50 years after my death would be nice already :)

+Chris Hoffmann Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your work. (I would like to be remembered for loving life so that others might go on to do the same. :)

+Noel 'Gene' Borja Lungay In 50 years, I simply wish to be forgotten... but I do implore those who I work with and those who would carry on, to always remember those that we have vowed to help through life. I am on a mission with some close childhood friends to help very poor school children get the proper education...
For myself, being remembered for at least one day is already a blessing.

I wish you a very splendid day Shirley, and I wish you tons of creative energy and inspiration.

+Amanda Torbitt Beautiful!
I'd want to be remembered as a good/kind person.

+Duff Ashfox So heartwarming. Really nice... A star, to be remembered like a star, like those in the pic would be great...=>
+Kerry Murphy This is so beautiful, +shirley lo and I love the similarity in composition that it has with the image you posted in the fall. This is a really tough question but if I answer it in the 'now' moment I'd say I'd like to be remembered for being a good mom. That will really only impact a small number of people but it is something that I work on every single day.

+Benny Sjöstrand Beautiful! The sky is amazing looking at all those stars so clear.
When I look at the sky, there is billions of stars, galaxies, and we still don't know if there are other worlds and civilizations out there.
Probably no one can imagine how G+ will be in 10 or 20 years.
I hope to be remembered after my death for something good and valuable, but I have really no idea what's going to happen in the future.

+Meg Rousher Beautiful Capture
I would rather leave memories than be remembered for something. Thinking back on the people in my life I no longer see weather they have moved on or passed on the memories we made together means more to me than anything.. Leaving your friends and family loved & happy is the best gift we can give to the future :)

+Josh Bigoss I'd rather not be remembered at all than to be remembered as an asshole. I hope to be remembered as I remember my grandpa, unflappable devotion, kind, and thoughtful.

+Quoss Wimblik I'd like to be remembered for helping make us better connected with star to star communication using quantum entanglement properties of stars in galaxies.

+dene' miles What a gorgeous work of art Shirley!! I'd love to be remembered as the best "words with friends" player ever, clearly i have a LONG way to go :)

+Serge Ivanov What a heartwarmingly magical image +shirley lo! The night sky always makes me feel humble and tiny.

I hope not to be remembered in 50 years, because I am young and am kind of hoping to still be around! If not, then I would hope that I passed on my love of visual art (or anything creative) to at least one person. I also want to leave behind the following ideas:

In addition to your family and health, free time is the most valuable thing you have. Don't waste it.
Create more than you consume; refuse to sit on the sidelines of life.
-Invest time in people, love what you do, and everything else will fall into place.

+Dino Morrow Aloha Shirley and thank you for sharing such a special moment! You have captured much of the sense of such a powerful place...and at night! I would like to live up to the honor as a person who embodies the practices of Aloha ... every day. :)
Aloha Shirley! I would love to share about this, simple yet complex, concept of practices called aloha...Truly a lifetime of learning is never enough but I find it universally a beautiful way to live or at least try... :) Here is a link to what seems the most comprehensive explanation... http://goo.gl/EaiwU. Enjoy! If can, listen to Auntie Pilahi's recording right after the first paragraph...powerful! I think as Hawai'i and the world changes...we all can gain from such beautiful practices... Mahalo for asking, Shirley! Malama pono my friend.

+Lavina Street someone who made a difference for my people. a good example of how someone can change their life.

+Michelle Torio Very beautiful and dreamy photo +shirley lo. It's incredible and I wish I could take pictures this well, too. Yes, we are all connected by stars no matter where we are. They continue to guide us (astrology) and light our way (astronomy). :)
In 50 years, I wanted to be remembered for something good I have done, no matter how small it is and through it, inspire others to do the same...the circle of life.

+Johannes Cervantes I've been going through your pics and I have to say I'm absolutely blown away by them. Your work is awe inspiring, it makes me think heaven can't be anywhere but down here, in earth. We just gotta learn to appreciate it :)

+Tim Behrens You have such a beautiful way on including people in your pictures.... Whenever I see a place or scene like this, the first thought that comes into my head is either that I'm thankful I have someone there to share it with, or, if I'm alone, how I wish that I did.... When confronted with such incredibly humbling sights, or momentarily awakened to how small and brief we are, there is still comfort in sharing that awe with someone. In all the vastness that is space and time, that moment and vantage point is ours to share. Really, really beautiful picture.

+Robert Edwards 
Many things are valuable;
however, photography is amazing.

Few mediums allow the flexibility for
many to capture (or observe) identical
images, while simultaneously 
perceiving (mentally) or expressing 
(verbally) a unique experience.

I often see something different upon
revisiting the same photo.

Photography and the images (before
& after possible editing) predictably
usually make me smile.

When I smile, I feel better.

thanks everyone for the great company +Trey Ratcliff +Tina Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Julia Peterson +Karen Hutton +Joe Dolister +Robert Scoble +Maryam Scoble +Scott Jarvie +Kimberly Shoemaker +Scott Kublin +Dustin Bess +Tony Payne +Tom Hallam +Jim Patterson +Jeffrey Sullivan +Tom Anderson +Peter Adams +Ivan Makarov +Nyla Adams +Stefan Bäurle +kendra karr +Charles Lu
#g+yosemite2011 #g +yosemite2012
-------------------------------------------------------------------Photo: tree's view

the town below is mostly asleep
quiet is all around us
save for a gentle wind,
a distant waterfall, and
the sparkling stars above

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Silex Anthropos 
under a thousand stars,
a tree to reach the sky,
a town not so far

+Kab Yaj The composition, colors, and starry night sky...beautiful! I don't know if anyone can see it, but I see a little boy hunching over squatting on his legs on the ground holding a big ball from the formation of the stars! It's 45 degrees angle to the left of the tree and you have to tilt your head 45 degrees to the right of the tree to see it. LOL

+Anna Lowry And on that note +shirley lo, I think I'll climb through my monitor and into those stars. Beautiful. :-)

+Joy Hanson Conveys a sense of tranquility. Nature is a calming force amidst the turmoil of life.

+Darrell Hudson I grasp my hand with a delicate grip and tremble as the enjoyment of admiration captivates me while gazing at your pleasing presentation.

+Dino Danubrata "This beautiful image", your statement in this picture took me feel lonely city viewed from a distance as in a fairy tale story book children of ... greeting familiar from Indonesia shirley lo

+sandeep dahiya i want to have my house there

+Warren Sebastian branching out to the stars & beyond! :) Great image!

+John Yee Lovely photo! Almost like the tree is reaching for the stars

+MariaRosaria Aria Hi Shirley, is suggestive, that attracts me, the game of life with light and the contrast with the barren and lifeless tree!

+benjamin torres marquez - una hermosa toma demostrandonos lo absurdo que somos aldejar pasar lo maravilloso de la vida gracias una vez mas shirley, perdon por tutearte

+Matthew Neason It's like the breath of the almighty, working miracles while the world slumbers. This is such a tranquil and peaceful photo yet, somehow, there seems to be a great conflict here. It really amazes me that so much can be captured in the instant by a camera, or for that matter an artistic rendering. It redefines my concept of infinity by adding some beauty to the equation. Touch the sky...

+ปฏิญญา ครองกาย
All of my life's chores.
Along an invisible one.
Alone in a closed path.
I want my heart back together.
Abstracted in the night sky without the stars.
It is not even cold moonlight.
Pain deep in my heart because of that.
My heart aches because my mind.
One minute the girl's life.
Every day I have not been released.
One side no-one minutes.
Do with this girl.
I would have to die with me.
I take this as a shadow.
I live every day. I live anywhere.
The girl has never been lost........

+John Freeman This Ethereal Image reminds of the the loneness I have in Life. For I believe that two must first share spirit, then mind, then heart and finally the body and then they are truly one. And as the tree pressed against the Universe, stripped of its leaves and possibly life; yet it exist.

+Christopher John O' Sullivan There's nothing quite like a starry night to awaken your imagination. This is spectacular.Photo: every year

every year these mountains go through
a wardrobe of leaves before going bare
a predictable and reassuring juxtaposition
of change and stability

what things do you never want to change? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Carla Usery I never want that cycle to change. I find the predictably of that change alternately comforting and energizing!

+Kerry Murphy Gorgeous! Change is hard but it is so constant it is better not to get hung up on things not changing. I could create a pretty big list but at the end of it would surely realize there is beauty in things changing too. :)... like my kids growing up! It's very bittersweet but it has to happen. Or summer ending, but without that occurring, there would be no fall. Or that bowl of ice cream changing to empty. ;) Change gives us the opportunity to experience new things. :)

+Dino Morrow thank you for sharing such a soothing and emotional image...I am sure it was amazing just to be there. Sometimes when I am around beauty in nature you can almost hear it. It seems like you two could hear the beauty! To answer your question...I hope the practice of Aloha will never change. And if it does, may it change in strength and usage. :)

+George Manlangit The sun goes to rest along beds of
Changing hues as season change
I rest with you with this assurance
My love for you will never change
Now, how can I get my wife to sit like this with me?

+Serge Ivanov If only all of us could be so lucky to be happy and surrounded by beauty all of the time. This capture really makes me appreciate those awesome little moments when I realize I don't really need that much to enjoy this journey!

+Duff Ashfox peace. And being solemn. How i wish such will never change.
Nice pics. =>

+alfredo guzman rincon mmmmmmmmmmmm i don't like to change my lifestyle it's very nice for me and special when i can eat a lot of chocolates


what are some interesting facts about you or your favorite animal? :)

the animal below can:
run across a ceiling without falling
use his tongue to clean his eyes
be found on all continents except antarctica

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Barbara Sarmiento - Love it! Interesting Fact: My dog used to love to eat carrots next to our pet bunny (we miss our rabbit so much)

+Eliyahna VanKurin - my cat & bearded dragon cuddle up & nap together sometimes :)

+Michelle Torio - It's incredible! I love the intense colors!
Interesting fact: Butterflies taste with their feet. :)

+Matthew Neason - It seems so alien but there is still that human fragility to it...

+jonas eggen Mine would be a rabbit whit a waistcoat =:x

Yes, but I must hurry now, haven't got much time. "Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" ; P
I like stories about interspecies relations. I had a girlfriend once who had a dog, cat and a bunny, and they used to chase each other in this order, rabbit, cat, dog. And then after a while, turn around and it would be rabbit, cat, dog. I see now while writing this that the cat wanted to be in the center of things....

+Darkside Kl - Nice..I love reading animal facts....! My fav animal is the Blue Poison Dart frog.....! I love the colour . The Poison dart frog has amazing toxicity , the powerful venom can kill around 10 to 11 grown men sounds wicked cool. Well not only that there are medical research communities exploring more about this animal , so do I wanna explore. This animal was even used in a weapon by the people of Colombia for hunting on the tipPhoto: travellingPhoto: seeing sound

what's one song you wish would come to life? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Roque Serantes - I would love that each moonlight that could reach the earth between the clouds sounded like this: Moonlight Sonata ... This video came to my mind just now: Imagine - A Perfect Circle

+Tou Lee Yang - If I had a million dollars by Barenaked Ladies

+Abel Peneyra - Toss up between: "Get up, stand up!" - Bob Marley & "Imagine" - John Lennon

+Fausto Garcia - One Love by Bob Marley

+Christian Reyes - Awesome and very creative as always. The song I would pick would have to be, perfect by Doria Roberts

+Luis Ortiz - ...as for the song: Maybe start with Take Five by Brubek eventually settling in to Arabesque #1, Sanse sacree et progane, or Clair de Lune by Debussy

+Michelle Torio - That photo is incredible! For the song, it's Til There Was You by the Beatles. :)

+mark russell - the interconnecting waves of existence

+Robert Dyet - ...my song has to be "It's all in my head" by Katie Melua, soppy I know but hey it's what in my head :D

+Jennifer Eden - fantastic! I love this. Super creative. A song I'd like to see come to life.... hmmm... I think I'd have to go with Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by the Flaming Lips:Photo: bamboo is all i know

but now that you're here
who might you be?
you're worth a try
maybe we can be friends

what things in your life took time to fully appreciate? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Joseph R That which moves see the mountain tops, but however: That which site still never know more than a thought..I read that from the pic. They speak to me spiritually and that was what I saw as I looked.

+Abraham Ponniah it takes time to fully/truly appreciate anything, the tricky part is showing that appreciation before that thing is taken from you!
On that note, great job on the picture! Really enjoy your pictures and thought provoking 'write-ups'!:D

+Exodus Williams We humans we merely see a Panda (wild beast) and a pumkin (organic inatimate object), what we fail to understand is they are equal. The Panda (much like me, Im a Panda) wants to love and protect and cherish, and the Pumpkin wants to grow and be a source of viatality. They are a part of each other. Or maybe I dont know anything. They both have challenges to be seen and heard. Your question was, what took time for us to appreciate. I will honestly tell you "self". It took me time to understand who I am, and why I am. Thank you for the reminder. Lovely shot.

+Philipp Weimer oh my.. this is a great shot. Reminds of that guy who stranded on an island and had a volleyball as friend. What was the movie again?
What is fascinating is, that it is the pumkin seems to communicate with the panda as well :)


+jonas eggen This animal reminds me of Buddhist monks. It's ancestors eat meat, but now they are on a strict vegetarian diet. low sex drive and prefers to sit and meditate.
As a kid in school we had to make a stuffed toy animal, and I chose this one as it was my favorite animal, thanks to WWF. But I didn't finish it in time, so it became a polar-bear instead.

The polar bear is almost like a whit grisly bear and they can have cubs together, they are that close, so the panda is much smaller. But then compared with a red panda, as its not even a bear, the "normal" panda is closer to any other bear. o-0
I say some times that the panda wants to break the chain of rebirth, literally, as If not producing many offsprings, less pandas are suffering. Maybe they even got as far as no meditation is needed anymore, just pure emptiness, except for the occasional bamboo.Photo: next rest stop: 100 light years

if you could know one thing
about your future, what would it be? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Dino Simotas My thing I would want to know is will I find a woman in life that would make me completely and utterly happy for the rest of my days?
Great picture, love the high tech feel

+Tammy Walker The only thing I want to know is... who it will be that I am happy with for the rest of my life with. Great pic too!

+Noel 'Gene' Borja Lungay "Who I really am. Who we really are. "
Brilliant post. Thumbs up. Keep up.

+tom ruggi That my daughters are healthy and happy

+Christian Reyes Will I turn out to be the father my daughter deserves?

+Sonny Mikeal Did I teach my kids to be good people, parents and citizens for their future?

+Vivek Saurabh whether i will die with or without her..........

+George Hayes Not so sure I am worried so much about my future as I am my son's. Or maybe this nations future, are we going to keep throwing money away on the few verse the majority. Shouldn't we do what is best for most not what is best for the least?

+Natasha Weston Knowing that my cancer has gone for good so I can watch my kids grow up and be a grandma!! Life is my precious!!

+Michelle Torio Very futuristic effect! Cool shot! :) As for the future, well, I don't really know if it exist...I live for the present.

+Scott Hammack I would want to know whether the world will end during my lifetime.

+Alexander N. Benner What I would ask, when ever I would get the real chance to ask this question :)

+Danielle Armstrong Probably question we all ask ourselves...when does it end?

+Justin Hill I'd want to know "Does it all work out OK in the end?"

+Karine Viala In my opinion I would like to know if the future does exist..

+Eduardo Nunes o que eu gostaria de saber... e complicado, mas vamos la! Acho que eu gostaria de saber, se o mundo acaba em 2012 rs!

+saad alayoub - i want to know who will i marry

+fan tai every thing.


+Bryce Vanderschuit will we ever inhabit another planet?

+Chris Queen Every day is a gift thats why we call it the present. If I know what that day or any day holds it would not be a gift any more so I have to say my answer to the question is. I would not want to know nothing..I love each day being a suprise..
Great shot I do love how you captured this

+Joy Hanson I have so many concerns about the future but I'd be happy if there's no new devastating disease. AIDS came from out of the blue and is taking a toll on us as it's communicable.

+John Freeman All time is Present, Future, Past; It is only a separation just like a distance

+Paul Tran - FYI 1 light year= 9.46 trillions kilometers
X100 light year..( we will not good young or alive at the end ..Haha)

+Rhomnick Coloma its hard to event just pretending that you foresee your future. idon't know what's gonna happen to me but surely, everyone will be happy when you have a big God beside you....

+Matthew Neason What will the experience be when the soul parts from the body? I wonder if I'd even be able to understand this answer, if the comprehension changes.

+Thomas Mackey That you cannot know your future...

+Tze Tuo Cheung Vivas I think that I would like to know whether I will be happy in the future, anything more specific is too much information.

+maria annunziata orsini I believe it's better not to know it

+Zia NoLastName this is so much like the future to or for your destiny. and it changes your mind about the future.

+stewra darkness I don't want to know the future. I try to do it.
The photo is fine. Similar on flight in infinity.

+vivek singh i don't want to know about my future.....bcoz i hate future.
i wanna live in present...

+David Rosenthal I honestly don't want to know anything about my future. I like the ride just the way it is.

+Jorge A. Wong And in answer to your question, I think it is best if we didn't know in advance what our future holds, except for the positive things. Otherwise, we would not even try to make a good life if we know what it will become. Those are just my thoughts. How about you Shirley?

+christina gramling NOTHING! I like surprise and anticipation :)

+Christian Anderl thinking about your question for 3 minutes now, but honestly, i wouldn´t even want to know this one thing about my future, i love to go the way not knowing what the next step will bring ... but great photo, nice work! ;)

+Thomas Schmidt next set of lottery numbers! would make a whole lot of things easier.

+Jörg Schattenboxer Money money money ... Mann ey Mann ey Mann ey! ;-)

+Meg Rousher If I only had one place I could pick I guess it would be to Bill Gates garage & buy in :) If I made it back then I could go everywhere else & if not I wouldn't have to wait long for the digital age :)Photo: all for one ..... and +1 for all!

they say a picture's worth a thousand words
so without further ado,
let's let the photos do the talking
(links to albums below)

Alan Johnson ..... goo.gl/HiRtR 
Al Ebnereza ..... goo.gl/ENfCG
Andrew Benson ..... goo.gl/qTSTR
Benjamin Wilson ..... goo.gl/5wZtS
Brandon Kopp ..... goo.gl/Re282
Charles Lu ..... goo.gl/LBTXa
Chris Serviss ..... goo.gl/RXJpk
Christa Laser ..... goo.gl/shxnH
Don Au Yeung ..... goo.gl/XTZ2y
Fred Brundick ..... goo.gl/VzdkJ
Janie Webb ..... goo.gl/EBICU
Karim Phillips ..... goo.gl/eq3Kb
Lucy Chien ..... goo.gl/9lQII
Matthew Canniere ..... goo.gl/0K6uM
Noah Urban ..... goo.gl/WSOCS
Noble Ackerson ..... goo.gl/I3rxx
Patricia Elizabeth ..... goo.gl/WTxwR
Russell Brammer ..... goo.gl/yu7WE
Zeid Derhally ..... goo.gl/VE1M9

special thanks to +Charles Lu +Alan Johnson +Lucy Chien 
+Al Ebnereza +Andrew Benson +Benjamin Wilson +Brandon Kopp +Chris Serviss +Christa Laser +Don Au Yeung +Fred Brundick +Janie Webb +Karim Phillips +Matt Canniere +Noah Urban +Noble Ackerson +Patricia Elizabeth +Russell Brammer +Zeid Derhally

#mygooglephoto #gplusitPhoto: rejuvenation

what kinds of things recharge your spirits?

trees for wood and shade
waterfalls as a water source
mountains for security
and a meadow for building a resort town

settlers in the 1800s danced the night away under the stars
soon the town became too popular and destroyed the ecosystem
the village was relocated, and the area slowly recovered
now, a stroll through the meadow trails re-energizes the mind
thankfully we can sometimes rejuvenate nature so that nature can rejuvenate us

+Charles Lu 
some thoughts others have shared:

+Benny Sjöstrand Beautiful shot, you and Charlie looks so happy, like a in movie!
Photographic activity has definitely become a recharger, a way to disconnect from work, relax, and also get outs and enjoy the nature. I think 2012 will be a very exciting year, there are so many things going on. I'm looking forward to spend a lot of time with my son, do my best to be a good father :)

+Serge Ivanov Your shots are always filled with such positive energy +shirley lo, and this one is no exception! Looks like a lot of fun.

To recharge my spirits I head out at night for walks, usually with a camera, as many on G+ do. There's something about the relative quiet of night and all the gorgeous neon colors bouncing off of everywhere that makes me feel alive. Something else that I like doing is finding some happy-sounding music and singing along as loudly and obnoxiously as I can without annoying the neighbors. That one's a secret, so don't tell anyone ;)

+Mark Esguerra Hmm, well, my favorite place is a forest area in the middle of Tokyo. Even in the middle of that city it gets rather peaceful there. I can just sit walk around there and sit on a bench for hours. ;-) While at home, a nice walk around Griffith Park is a nice way to recharge as well. ;-)

+Jerry Johnson I enjoy taking my children out on family photo-walks. It really forces me to slow down and take in the surroundings and it is also helping me share my love of photography with my family. When our two year old gets a little older, my wife will be able to join us! :)

+D. DeMonteverde What rejuvenates me? Went to my Zumba class tonight and got recharged. After dance I went for a spiritual recollection, prayer and meditation session. Dance clears my mind and prayer/meditation lifts my spirit and rejuvenates me

+Kerry Murphy This is beautiful, +shirley lo!! Nature is definitely a big rejuvenator for me as is creativity whether it be in the form of photography, baking, knitting, etc. And yoga. That time and space just for me to honor how I'm feeling in that moment and work with it. And in the summer... swimming! Something about the freedom of swimming is incredibly rejuvenating to me.

+Michelle Torio Such a lovely and happy photo +shirley lo! Just like a shot from the movie or a story book. :)
Well, nature proved to be very therapeutic for me. I love exploring the mountains and the beach...Even the long, scenic route drive to go there always rejuvenates my spirit in an instant. This, and spending time with my loved ones are the ultimate re-charger.

+Ajeesh Kumar i think, Mother Nature make us feel an ego-less mind, looking at the natural lives of these plants and animals and the beauty of Nature itself, we come out of our complex life we have in our mind, created for our existence, and feel the natural way of simple living.. we feel peaceful, leaving all worries.. i think true life is as much simple as that of a growing grass...

+Dhopy Nepp I think one of the things that feeds me
is still to believe in people
And the beauty that surrounds us
If we are willing to look

+Meg Rousher Wonderful shot. To recharge my spirit all I need is a walk on the beach with a camera or two. Listening to the waves and the birds seems to do the trick every time :)

+Tom Hallam Beautiful photo. I think it captures the essence of two things that help me recharge. Exploring nature and spending time with loved ones.

+Melody Migas Lovely photo! I like to get outside to recharge. The beach, the woods, nearby park, or even the backyard. Also dinner out with a waterfront view.

+Ron Bearry I'm a simple guy so I am content with a long mountain bike ride on a clear Spring day.

+Mark Esguerra - Very cute shot! It looked like a great time was had by all! ;-) It really is nice to be able to get away and escape the city to places like that. Nature is what recharges me! ;-)

+Sara Olinger I love this photo of you & Charles +shirley lo really nice-- for me it's rest, meditation, nature, taking photos, and Love... that rejuvenate me, leaving on a trip to India in 3 weeks (exhilarating, scary, mysterious, brave, heart-pounding moments) happy new year to you -- smiles

+Christoph Diewald Your photo really transmits joy and energy - lovely!
As to your question: I am getting more and more into the habit to stop periodically what I am doing, and to become simply aware of my breathing and my body for a minute or so. Hoping for the mind to stop also for a little while. Other than that, I love to grab my camera and wander through a fascinating savanna forest here in Brasilia that has the highly unlikely name of "Botanical Garden" - it is almost no such thing, but it is a constant source of wonderful experiences with the observation of plant and animal life, in complete silence.

+John Freeman By the Way I love your photos; very good indeed! I recharge several ways. First by listening to Beautiful Chinese Music (Traditional); Looking at The Music Video “Grey Street” by the Dave Matthews Band, (I know it is suppose to be a sad song but there is Energy in the video that I cannot explain); Listening to New Age Music. Then Being Creative with my Software Engineering, my Electrical Engineering and my development applications for my business. Quietly Speaking to dear friends (of which You Shirley are one in my composing) And finally studying all of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Sound silly but that is me taking and giving; again and again.

+Ron Kc I love hiking and camping here in north Florida

+Amanda Torbitt So calming. ^_^
Music, Pictures, Time spent with happy people, Art, Time alone.
thanks everyone for the great company +Trey Ratcliff +Tina Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Julia Peterson +Karen Hutton +Joe Dolister +Robert Scoble +Maryam Scoble +Scott Jarvie +Kimberly Shoemaker
+Scott Kublin +Dustin Bess +Tony Payne +Tom Hallam +Jim Patterson +Jeffrey Sullivan +Tom Anderson +Peter Adams +Ivan Makarov +Nyla Adams +Stefan Bäurle +kendra karr +Charles Lu

#g+yosemite2011 #g+yosemite2012
---------------------------------------------------------------Photo: end of summer

what were your favorite summer memories
and what are you looking forward to in the fall? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Duda Fav - looking forward for weather to become nicer since i dislike hot weather!

+Chad LaFarge - I taught my six-year-old to ride her bike this past month, so that will go down as the milestone of the season. Beautiful photo.

+Christian Reyes - My favorite summer memory is by far the opportunity to experience my young daughter's second summer through her eyes, discovering the carpenter bees that nested on our deck, the birds that nested in the trees and the long summer days that turned into the most beautiful sunsets, hearing her yell "Sky" and after 2 months of constant repetition finally hearing her say "cielo" which means sky in Spanish. Staring at starry nights with her for the first time and enjoying those things that we often overlook as adults.
I look forward to continue to dance with her this fall, since I started teaching her last month she never tires.
Watching the leaves change colors and walking with her through the park.
I wish to continue to see the world though her eyes and let my worries melt with her laughter.

+Spencer Spalding - Learned Italian this summer. Looking forward to: the next couple months have some really amazing full moons, so I guess some stargazing for me. Stunning picture.

+Amanda Torbitt - My favorite memory was camping and hanging out with family/friends, plus finding out about engagements/marriages. I'm looking forward to- weddings, cooler weather, leaves of the season, and football games, among other things. Beautiful photo by the way, I love the colors. So pretty!

+Michelle Torio - Stunning photo..like in the story books! Well, where I'm from is eternal summer with occasional rains. Vacation on the beach with friends and family is always a fav memory...looking forward to spending more time with them this season.

+Daniel Eriksson - No no no, what you saying? The summer aint over! ;P But awesome photo

+Tina Vale - In Arizona the summer never ends! I miss Fall~ crisp leaves, pumpkin spice, brisk air, sweaters! We used to live in Nashville, tenn. BEAUTIFUL change of seasons. Still trying to get used to two seasons here and as my friends son sums it up: Hot summer and cold summer :DPhoto: pinned palms

i'm here

share your link in the comments below! :)

+Charles Lu
g+ pinners!
+shirley lo http://pinterest.com/shirleylo

+Robby Bowles adding you on pinterest now. Gorgeous shot.

+Bonnie Pickartz Hey +shirley lo ...about to follow you. Beautiful photo!

+Neal Carter that look amazing +shirley lo here i am,

+Stephanie Vaughn Now following! This is me:

+Dave Bouskill Great shot! Following you now on Pinterest!

+James Ngo Been slowly building my boards out, quite fun.

+Julius Genosas this one's going to be pinned! btw, here's mine

+PJ Ammidon Just followed you +shirley lo ;)

+Ken Hughes Awesome! I'm just starting out with Pinterest myself but yours gave me some inspiration. :)

+Ian Good I've just followed your boards and see you've been busy pinning +shirley lo. I'm on there but struggle to find the time for that and this and everything else. :)

+Wes Lum Omg, that picture is awesome! Beautiful processing +shirley lo :D
I just followed you on pinterest too!

+Richard Tang great post +shirley lo ! i'm looking to collect the BEST photos on pinterest would love to see more of your work on there
http://pinterest.com/richteamedia/ =)

+Benny Sjöstrand That's a very beautiful view! In this cold winter I wish I was there.
Following you on pinterest, I do not have much time discover it yet, also created a profile:

+Rznag Rmrod thanks a lot +shirley lo ...so here`s my profile :)

+Derek Kind That was FAST! Thank you, +shirley lo, I'm going to have some fun creating my profile now. :) My link is here:

+Serge Ivanov This shot's lovely pastel-colored sky warms up the soul =) Love how the trees are rooted at the corners too!
Just started using Pinterest on Friday thanks to an invite from +Sinead Sam McKeown.

+Ron Bearry Beautiful! I started a Pinterest page. I can't guarantee I'll keep adding to it I'll have to see how it goes. :)

+Tsegaye Hidru I don't want night to come or darkness to spill over this nature, I know night's on the horizon but I want this to last forever. We don't control the time. This is the exact moment we need. Here's my Pinterest,

+Lupe M. Luevano Gorgeous capture.... and if you are still adding my address for Pinterest is .... Thank You... :)

+Chris Hoffmann Wish I was there ^^^, but I 'am' here:
http://pinterest.com/chrishoffmann/ ;)

+Athena Carey Lovely photo +shirley lo!

I am on pintrest, but have not decided yet if I am going to keep using it. There is quite a lot of controversy over it right now with photographers. My link is: http://pinterest.com/athenacarey/
+Steven Davis http://pinterest.com/stevendavisfoto

+Kristy McCurry http://pinterest.com/hennatrails/

+Vinoth Ragunathan I don't have a Pinterest, but I do have a Google+
https://plus.google.com/109573462344426242030/posts =)

+Satyadeep Karnati Spectacular perspective! I am on pinterest too
http://pinterest.com/satyadeepk/ :)

+Ivan Dimitrijević 
Maybe we can make some Pinterest circle +shirley lo. :]
thoughts others have shared:

+Matthew Neason A composition of the beauty and simplicity of humanity. I've always thought that mankind looked it's best during the fading hours before twilight. The ocean reflecting the siren song of it's life blood before moving it's mysterious deeper. Sunset always poised on the cusp of depth, but never so enraptured therein to forget the simple beauty of its own existence

+Serge Ivanov I guess I'm not the only one unlucky enough to live somewhere with actual winter. Sometimes I feel like everyone on here is from the sunny state of California.

Oh well. I like snow, even if have to deal with the cold =)

+Jerry Johnson - Such a beautiful photo +shirley lo! It looks like these trees are leaning into the magnificent sunlight to warm themselves. :-)

+Catherine Fakhrieva garden of Eden :)

+John Freeman They seem to be converging to a point. The point is upward towards the Sky and Universe. Is there some definite meaning here? Unison!

+Jim Snodgrass What a cool sunset.. I'd guess this is on Waikiki Beach just south of the big hotel strip.. love the way the palms all lean in to warm up the mood.. Thanks shirley :)

+Johan Peijnenburg Gorgeous colors and atmosphere +shirley lo! Compliments!

+Shelly Gunderson This is gorgeous. Wish I was there laying under those beautiful palm trees on that beach right now! <SIGH>

+Heinz Udo Zemlin Schnee ist schön wen man in einem warmen Zimmer sitzt und ihn durch ein Fenster sieht . Ich habe Fotos bei minus 25 Grad gemacht . Im Kopf machte es knack ,knack . Die Hände waren gefroren und der Auslöser der Kamera war ganz schwer zu drücken . Meine Frau meint heute noch ich hätte davon späte Schäden , sonst würde ich nicht so viel Mist machen .Eine Frechheit , oder ?

+MILOS JANATA I see many people joining pinterest to upload their stuff for various reasons. Some to promote, some does not want to miss the audience, some suggest to upload their stuff before it gets uploaded by someone else :)
Many people are forced to join just not to "miss the opportunity"

There will be million services like this one in a few months.
People will not rush anymore.

perhaps I should check it and maybe I change my opinion :)
+Jarek Klimek jarek's circle of g+ photographers on pinterest

#waikiki #oahu #hawaii #beach #beachesPhoto: collection

what do you collect? :)

we are a collection of our experiences, hopes, and dreams.
so many things are transient,
and collecting is a tangible way for us to capture moments.
seeing them in their collected form helps us
make sense of our memories
through a few objects.
+Charles Lu
thoughts others have shared:

+Chris Wolf it's always good to know what your friends collect, to make them happy when accidentally finding a new item for their collection.
as a child i used to collect matchboxes (real ones, not the little cars) & other stuff. today i collect letters (digital), which I print from time to time.

i just collected matchboxes by cover, espacially from different countrys. i loved collecting and started later sorting and curating the things (like books or collections of letter made to books)

+Serge Ivanov There is some great variety in those shells +shirley lo!

I think many of us would agree that photography itself is collection. We collect slices from our lives, as seen through our eyes at a single instant of time. There's something really powerful about still images, despite the fact we have had the capacity to shoot video for so long. It is a remarkable thing when you realize what we are actually doing.

Time constantly slips through our fingers, but taking a photograph suddenly places immense importance on a single instant; this one frame we instantly infuse with value as soon as we take the shot.

The majority of people document their life as it revolves around family and friends. Photographers on the other hand are assembling a collection of moments that perhaps tell a story of someone or something else. In a way, we are collecting mementos from a world that everyone lives in, but not everyone sees.

...If we step away from that idea for a minute I will say that I do like collecting coins and paper money from various countries. I'm not very serious about it, but even so I have had a decent collection fall into place. It is amazing how you can track history of a nation through what they decide to put on their money. Ideals change, leaders are overthrown, empires form and crumble; yet we naively place the faces and symbols on our money that future generations will not care about. With the digitization of monetary exchange, we may put an end to tangible currency altogether within our lifetimes, but at the same time it will to a disservice to historians of the future.

+Matthew Neason Collections stress the differences between the passions we all have and the question itself leads to a further appreciation of the differences of all people. Here we see a reflection on the beauty of nature, arranged in an entirely human arrangement and unified by the thought that the amount of time spent on collecting is the true expense, everything else is a paltry expense, as the quarter indicates. I wonder then, if the true value of a collection is in the human endeavor to collect, arrange and display it. If the collection is worth the time then it is priceless. I collect ideas.

+Ron Bearry I generally don't like having "stuff" around that I don't use but I have kept a few things that are a part of me. I have a few bicycle frames hanging in the garage that date back to my days as a competitive cyclist. I spent so many painful, joyful hours on them that I can't let them go.

One thoughtful glance at them can take me back to the days when a 7-Eleven Big Gulp after a 100 mile training ride was one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Or the time when I slipped off the back of the pack in an Oregon road race and had to finish the last 70 miles of the race by myself, riding into the worst headwind I've ever encountered...Yeah, that was awesome.

Shirley, I competed as a relatively slow amateur in the Western half of the U.S. but did make some trips further East for a few races. The 100 mile days were during my college years when I had more time to train. :) Cycling is my favorite mode of exercise though and during the summer months it's not uncommon for me to disappear somewhere for most of the day on my mountain bike. It's good to hear that you are getting out there too!

+Benny Sjöstrand That looks like a lovely collection of pretty shells :)

Sometimes I feel that I collect far too much. From my era constructing tube-amplifiers, I got a big collection of vacuum/electron tubes and electronic components. Now I'm in a photography period, I kind of started to collect old twin-reflex film cameras, now having a collection of 4 Rolliecord cameras.

A very interesting topic, almost everyone collect something.

I have an album from my amplifier construction era (year ago now)
They are now in my basement, I still use them the few moments when I play the guitar, they has a special sound.

My first Rolleicord camera was a gift from a friend, now I'm kind of stuck :) I want to learn photography using traditional methods, without using digital technology.

+Sean Cowen so many things, Shirley. Rare books, pulp paperbacks, paper ephemera, antiques, antique toys, anything travel related from 20s-50s, railroadiana, refrigerator magnets, planters, old pottery, and on and on. ha!

We've talked about collecting before - and I've always kept my eye on this thread. What we collect is a part of our social DNA, and it speaks volumes about who we are as a person, and who we are as part of a community.

I've always been an inveterate collector, and it started in childhood. If you're a collector, too, we're going to get along just fine!
+Bill Murray I collect people, places, artifacts, legends, wisdoms,,medicines,arts, crafts, language,music,tools,and not just the scattered and obscure remnants..the whole of their spirit..so that I may carry it to those who have yet to share in such wonders..and share with them in full color,texture and spiritual presentation.

+anne-marie Janssen I used to collect things like Chinese porcelain (tea cups) but I got tired of dusting them :-) Since I visited Cuba, I got a different look at collecting things (owning things, wanting things, have-to-have things). I stopped stuffing the house with things. Nowadays I just collect shells. I collect them from beaches which have a special meaning, such as Trinidad, California. Or pebbles, shaped by the water. And feathers I find in the woods, on the street, big or small....in any color.

Trinidad in California has a small beach, not a sandy one. It has tiny dark pebbles. I was traveling along the coast and Redwood National Park when I stopped for a short break. There was nobody else on the beach and the sun was going down. That was that special moment :-D
No pictures of Trinidad but some of shells I found on a beach in Portugal. https://plus.google.com/101821051914085318966/posts/VGuHkSMiEPt Have a Wonderful Sunday and thanks for the inspiration! +shirley lo

+Suzy Jenkins I collect tarot card decks as I love the pictures. I also collect one-of-a-kind artist bears and limited edition Charlie bears. Also I have a small shell collection and Swarovski glass.

I used to collect "soft toys" when I was younger and then moved on to collector bears about 6 years or so ago. I have been collecting tarot cards for about 12 years I suppose. Shells I have always collected (but they don't always last as they sometimes get broken). The Swarovski glass collection started with presents I suppose about 15 years or so ago. What I forgot to mention are my crystals - probably because I don't think of them as a collection as I have more than one of each (even though they are obviously different) but I have loads and loads of all types of crystals from tumblestones to a large amethyst geode "cave"..
LOL - not that I am a collectorholic or anything but I just like pretty things I guess..

+Chris Summers I seem destined to collect photos! Not only my own which after 50 some years of shooting continues to grow but the collections I inherited from my father and grandfather who were serious amateurs who traveled the world and documented their journeys.

My grandfather who was British went out to China in 1902 and stayed there for almost 30 years serving as a postal commissioner. He did a trip up the Yangste River in about 1908 by river junks and documented what he saw. Rather then just make up B&W prints for a scrap book he had the images made into post cards which was a great idea as most of the old prints have faded with time and the post cards are still fine and contain captions of where the pictures were taken. When I can find the time I would like to make up a website with the collection.

+Mike Hunz Great post...I collect foreign coins, and have since I was 5 when my grandfather came back from India many years ago...(don't ask!). I have a pretty big collection and every trip I go on I look for others from the different countries I visit...

Its a random collection that I still keep in the same wooden box I started with. I have some very old Chinese coins that are my favorite. One of these days I will get around to cataloging them. Of late, I have also been collecting pieces of art from the locations we visit...its sort of "our thing", but its fun.

+Pete Song I used to collect glass coke bottles from different countries. That was before they went plastic. Now I collect mugs and useless electronic gadgets.

Yes, some I got while traveling but I'd also ask people I knew who were going overseas if they could bring me a bottle. The mugs don't have any particular theme - some are from places I worked or visited. No photos-yet!

+Robby Bowles Great post +shirley lo, I'm pretty late to the party on this one. I collected baseball cards as a kid but have not done that in quite some time. I guess now I mostly collect knowledge. I have an insatiable appetite for learning and understanding how and why thePhoto: Photo: liftoff
rock launchpad

the seagull and i had a mutual understanding...
he performed by hopping between stones
in return for my smiles from a comfortable distance

he tilted his head with curiosity,
and seemed entertained to observe his observer
as a parting gift, i'd like to think he performed for me one last time,
launching off the rock back into his world in the sky :)

+Charles LuPhoto: dancing with leaves

comfortable chill, easily soothed
by burrowing deeper into a blanket cocoon
smell of cinnamon wafting through the air
anticipation and excitement of
a flurry of holidays to come
+Charles LuPhoto: out of the ashes
+charles luPhoto: wink ;)

if you could be any animal, what would it be? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Tiffany Henry I have two spirit animals. I have the soul of a lion and the heart of an elephant :-)

+Paulo Sousa - I'd say a dog... But living in my house! =)

+Mark Esguerra - Cute! Very nice shot! ;-) I would buy a Welsh Corgi! Because I hear they're pretty darn smart and they look great to boot!

+Joseph Greenawalt - A house cat, sleeping all day, built-in blanket, strange bald monkeys waiting on me hand and foot :-)

+Ali Saadat - maybe an eagle, to fly over the clouds and have good eyesight from far away.

+Stephen Larsen - An eagle. Love the white on red.

+fabian flores - eagle!! its a strong and mistic animal !

+Jamie Johnson - i would be a golden eagle without doubt.

+Doug Fresh - A Falcon!!! :)

+Paul Reeves - I agree with +Doug Fresh; a falcon, peregrine falcon.

+Sivan Rehan - A cow. Cows seem so calm and careless to me.

+Greg Smith - An elephant would be my choice.

+Sasa Kovacevic - zebra!! because they are cute and have awesome stripes and are like horses, only waaaay better looking.

+Robert Dyet - Blue Whale to explore whats hidden beneath our blue planet.. :)

+Dave Veffer - I think I'd be a bowhead whale so I could live 200 years.

+Jems Van - A whale. :) big monster.

+Annie Jennings - A stingray so I could stab some idiot Australian diver through the heart.

+Irene Papakonstantinou - A dolphin because they are super smart and it would be cool to live in the sea. Or a cat.

+Hans Huether - Sea Turtle: Live a long while and get to Surf all the time and SCUBA in your house!

+Walter McKay - Sea squirt-- because of the auto-brain digesting factor...

+JL Juarez - I wanna be a panda. Just sit and eat and get fat. Won't worry about money, jobs, mowing the lawn, cooking, politicians screwing each other, taxes, etc. Just some bamboo and roll around on my back, i'm satisfied.

+Paul Roustan - I'm half bear half shark.

+Jun C - I think being a Thestral would be pretty interesting...

+DiZzY WiZ - tyrranosaurus rex...nah just kiddin....how 'bout a sloth, nah, my wife already considers that a done deal..hmmm. lets see...a Liger! yeah, thats it,a Liger, they cant reproduce.

+Matthew Liszewski - Leapin' Lemurs! is clearly the only acceptable answer here. (:

+Robert SKREINER DOG LOVERS Circle http://goo.gl/dFQ7gPhoto: tree of life

+Charles LuPhoto: for those that wanted to see more of me in the air,
this one's for you :)

+charles luPhoto: the butterfly effect

it's been said that small changes can affect large changes in later states,
also known as the "butterfly effect"

many live with no regrets,
but have you thought about "what ifs"
and how tiny changes could have greatly changed the outcome
either in history or your lives? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Ziyi Feng - i drink a can of coke before i drink a box of coke now

+Kieran Peters - The "what if's" of "history" are one thing. The "what if's" of ones own life are often tge path to "insanity".
Lovely picture

+Kimberly Ryan - "many live with no regrets,
but have you thought about "what ifs"
and how tiny changes could have greatly changed the outcome
either in history or your lives?" // Yes, and it's maddening :PPhoto: a frozen moment
we can capture moments in visuals, sounds, and words
but some memories lie on the edge of being recalled

the awe of playing your first video game
the taste of a long lost recipe

what aspects of your favorite memories do you wish you could fully recall?

+Charles Lu
some memories others have shared:

+Todd Nicoletti I wish we all had perfect recall of the moment we realized how special someone is to us so we would be less likely to become cross with one another.

+Serge Ivanov Adorable, and all the lights are awesome.
As for your question, all I really would want to know is if my favorite memories are even real. When I first learned of confabulation, it really disturbed me that many of my memories are likely partially, if not entirely, made up. I think I'd be pretty devastated if I knew some of my fondest childhood memories never really happened. My self image and understanding of self is mostly defined by a collection of memories, so it's quite a disturbing thought =)

+Boyd Greene My favorite memories with my grandfather were his iron character, his stories, the way he helped everybody and his rare admonitions that he never repeated but you never forgot!

+Amanda Torbitt Wow, how lovely. <3
Some semi recent favorite memories are- Seeing a cousin of mine for the first time in years. The weddings of my two nieces.
Most of my most happy memories involve friends and family.

+Rico Lauchu cute photo. I wish I could recall every sensory aspect of a memory; like being there watching outside of myself as a 3rd observer what is happening. There are so many memories that aren't as clear as I'd like so I wish I could go back and see and hear what really happened. If what I think happened really did…Well a good memory I have that I'd like to see again would be my wedding day from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep with my wife. I try to go over it once in a while in my head so I don't forget the details. I think my favorite part about our wedding was that we washed one another's feet as a sign of humility and loving service to one another.

+Jon Keytoe I appreciate this kind of feeling inside a human heart. Memories though beautiful even enchanting, cannot be recalled fully even though can be recalled partially. Sometimes I get little sad about them, sometimes I get so excited about such things when I share them with my friends and people who would love to listen to my stories attentively and joyfully! On the whole memories are very good and can always leave some patch of land for us to stay in and dream of the things that people without them must envy. Your words are real touching!

+Olivier Malinur Shirley, this is so intimate, so deep question. I will say 3 moments. I will say I would like to go back when I was 12-13 in Djibouti and Ethiopia where my dad was working. It was a time where we were not caring, were we could spend our afternoon snorkeling on coral reefs or searching for delicately beautiful shells from the Red Sea. All was so simple.
Gosh, how much I don't like english, it's so easy to spoil a beautifully crafted sentence and make it look like a common cheap necklace of words.

+Silex Anthropos current mmmm ... i'm looking a picture who looks nearly like wonderful ice cave :P
more seriously, one moment i'll probably never forget is when i got hit by a green ray, just at the moment the sun falls into the sea at fall of the night, i wish i'll be enough lucky to see it again someday =)

+Sara Olinger *being 4 yrs old w. my feet dug in the sand of a Maui beach thinking how big the waves are but being as safe & warm & loved as ever - at sunset -
+shirley lo: beautiful notion &sharing ... smiles

+Amanda Torbitt Wow, how lovely. <3
Some semi recent favorite memories are- Seeing a cousin of mine for the first time in years. The weddings of my two nieces.
Most of my most happy memories involve friends and family.

+Moses Gibs yes, you're right dear Shirley, also some friends count even more then our family, because they are always there for us, i mean present. it is said: 'some time friendship counts more then a family'

+Pero Meditatić First taste of strawberry ice cream,
the sound of the sunrise in the desert
color of the first spring rains,
Touch the first flakes of snow,
smile of a little child ...
Synesthesia :-)
Enjoy my favorite memories +shirley lo
Beautiful images, even nicer verses. Thanks for sharing +shirley lo and
continue with this wonderful work.

in the heart of light,
beneath the snow,
kisses exchanged
like never before
Charles Lu and
Shirley Lo
:-)Photo: giving the tree a break

i'll guard the presents
so he can drink eggnog
with his friends and sing carols
accompanied by wind and snow

what would you do if your tree went on vacation? :)

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Justin Hill Lovely shot...made me smile a lot. If my tree went on vacation I'd have a few extra hours to play with that are usually taken up with testing bulbs!

+Michael Lawson this is beautiful! Brilliant concept and excellent execution :-) I would have a big empty space in our living room if my tree took vacation, can't it take vacation in the spring?

+Keith Dixon I think I would go MAD because my kid's would drive me MMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

+Michelle Torio So beautiful and very creative! Great idea..i might try that and surprise the kids. :D Well, I think I'd go with my tree to get a break for myself..hahah Cheers! :)Photo: traditions
my tree is back from vacation
but looks like one of the ornaments is running off to take her own

whether it be christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, winter solstice, or even festivus
many people celebrate this season with a holiday or two, or three :)

what are your fun and interesting holiday traditions?

+Charles Lu
what others are doing this holiday season

+Anne-Marie Janssen In Spain they eat a grape with every beat of the clock....you have to be fast to swallow them!

+Serge Ivanov Whenever I eat at my parents' house on Christmas eve, my mom has a tradition of baking some sort of thin round bread with a coin inside, which has been washed thoroughly of course. Then she proceeds to break off pieces by hand for each family member, and whoever gets the piece with coin is said to bring good fortune or prosperity to the family during the coming new year. This year the coin fell to me, so the pressure's on! Of course, all that really matters is for everyone to be happy and healthy; anything else is merely secondary in importance.

+max devine I change the theme of my tree every year...mostly to match my decor, but in the past we have had rubber duckie tree (do not ask where I stuck the light on the giant rubber duckie at the top)...plastic fruit was fun lol...this year I am gold and bronze...next year it will be glass and white...LOVE CHRISTMAS!

+Todd Nicoletti We dont do anything different for the christmas, etc season but for new years we cook hot dogs, kielbassa, pork roast and sauerkraut. This is eaten for luck with mashed potatoes seasoned with horseradish usually.

+Benny Sjöstrand Thank you! This year we stay with family eating a lot of fish dishes. The best will be see my 2.5 years old kid opening the Christmas presents we bought to him, I really see forward to those moments :)

+Víktor Bautista i Roca I'm Catalan, so we beat a log with sticks till it shits sweets and gifts...The log is been fed for a couple of weeks before christmas day. Oranges, tangerines, nuts... So, he is very very full and has to shit all the sweets and gifts :-) Tomorrow I'll write a post about it, well, about the way we do it in our family. Also, in the Nativity scenes, we have a guy in traditional dress shitting in a corner.

+Adeel Qureshi well It depends on which school of thought you are following in :) Islam , for me best days in life are holy month ramzan & our holy festival of EID. rest in the independence day on 14th of August  :)

+Summer Rain well :"> it's the traditional New year holidays :) welcome to the new year and receive lucky money from our parents and  older relatives :))

+T. Kh Here, we celebrate Christmas and Yalda together. Yalda is the longest night of the year and also the last night of the Autumn. +shirley lo
Tonight, is Yalda.
Happy Christmas and happy Yalda, dear +shirley lo.

+KC Wu It's winter solstice today, and in Taiwan traditionally people eat tangyuan (glutinous rice balls in soup) together with family. I just had a big, hot, sweet bowl of tangyuan for dinner :) When I was a kid, I was so happy to eat colorful tangyuan because parents in Taiwan have been telling kids that they will become one year older after eating tangyuan in winter solstice. But now I wish I will become one year younger after having tangyuan. :) Merry Christmas to Shirley, Charles, and all the friends here!

+Elena Konstantinova We have Hanukkah now, and it's common to eat doughnuts , make potato pancakes ("latkes"), and every day lighten one more candle in menorah. But I haven't eat doughnuts, just have taken a picture :)

+Duff Ashfox Happy Holidays Ms Shirley Lo!
In the Philippines, its really a family bonding time; such has been a time long tradition of ours. However, the Filipino People are quiet sad about the recent tragedy specially over the Philippine's southern area. Thus, as much as we are rejoicing this season, its really not an absolute happy celebration. Still, for the most of the Filipino families not affected, we are most thankful to God for keeping us safe, and to enjoy the moment with our family.

+Jose Martinez Lovely, Shirley. My fun is travel along the northern coast of Spain to watch the wild waves beating.

+David D. Stanton Mine are quite an odd mix from two faiths. But I am just one. :)

+Lisa RedWillow I will be with family. Santa came early and Im off to Kauai in January sometime. Hope yours is wonderful

+Paras Shah Thank you +shirley lo for asking. Well, holiday is all about spending time with family/friends. That is what i am planning to do... And if time permits, may be a quick trip to either Grand Canyon/Vegas/Big Bear mountains ;)

+Anne-Marie Janssen That Christmas tree looks like one big present to pick from. I bought mine somewhere in the open fields. When I came home it was bigger than i thought. So had to cut the top and remove furniture. No we can play hide and seek.

+Leslie Taylor I'm doing my best to stay in the Christmas spirit this year! This year I am in Florida visiting with my parents - it's 70 degrees this week! But we still have a tree and lights up :)

+Daniel Chen Yay, glad to hear your tree is back :)
We just put up our first Christmas tree as a family, so I think that will become part of our holiday ritual. Other than that, have a low key dinner with close friends and family, and watch the Christmas Story :)

+Michelle Torio - Merry Christmas, Shirley! :) Well, our big tree hasn't come back from its vacation yet...so we just settle with our little Christmas tree, instead. As usual, will spend it with the family over a traditional dinner and gift-giving program. There'll be lots of singing and dancing, as well. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday season! :)

+Dave Powell Tree, Presents, etc... We will order some nice fancy food from the Department Store for a Christmas dinner. It probably won't be a traditional Christmas dinner but should nice. Happy Holidays!

+Mark Esguerra Hmm, well does eating count as a tradition? He he. It's a bit rare that I get any home cooked meals these days so when Christmas arrives, if I'm able to visit close friends, I really enjoy eating some wonderful home cooked Christmas meals. he he. ;-P

+Hai Vu Nice pic. For fun this Christmas holiday, I will be hoping to take tons of photos, doodling a bit, play some hockey with my son, make my kids laugh, playing some guitar, G+ a bit. You know just the usual geeky stuff.

+shawn m. robicheaux watch the games on tv, enjoy company from close friends and be cheerful.

+Tiffany Henry Nothing much this year +shirley lo just staying at home with my immediate family :-)

+* hanging out with family. eating good food. christmas shopping, and giving gifts.merry christmas everyone....

+Liz Lui I'm just going hang out with family for Christmas and attend my friend's New Years Eve party. Staying local this year... which is fine by me :)

+sergio carvalho Não tenho nenhum feriado que considere importante. Gosto do Natal. Do espírito natalino que acontece nas pessoas. Feliz Natal para você!

+Jon Keytoe I love to have a vocation with the one I show my heart to, but don't want to go home yet. But I know I need to home to see my parents and I cannot have such a holiday with my best love. But anyway in a holiday you can rest for a while and think for a while about what you will do tomorrow. Yeah, you always show good things here. Thanks!

+mardiansyah M for my vacation to a place where we can enjoy the beauty of the peak height of the mountain ..

+Daymond Decker I am home for Christmas:). I have been spending a lot of time in DC. Glad to be home!

#christmastree #christmasbokeh #bokehPhoto: paper to pixels

it's been a steady transition from paper to pixels

are we going forwards and/or backwards in terms of quality of communication?
what type of content might be better suited for paper or pixels?

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Tsegaye Hidru I think our virtual and physical life is overlapping so quickly that we don't even realize how much we are sinking in. I'm writing to you guys with an online blueprint, a world of viruality. Although we never had a time to drink coffee together, we are sipping the logics, arguments, great points over my screen/keyboard by reading yours. We can't slow it down, we fear we will be lost, lost behind, not able to catch up. When one rides their car to another place, one has a chance of enjoying the scenery, scents the surrounding fauna and feels like very existent locally, but taking the plane would have a better quality and faster without enjoying the surroundings as much.

The following is taken from what I G+ posted about Encyclopaedia Britannica vs the Internet(web) & Wikipedia in March '12 when EB stopped their print versions.

It's a new world with a new order.

In the age of dinosaurs, Encyclopedia Britannica reigned and covered with its musty smell, the backyard sections of public libraries and decorated walls of palaces for more than two centuries. That was when media means almost equivalent to books.

Rapid technological advances and the evolution of the media culminating on the introduction of the Internet in the last two decades have brought the fastest information exchange and easy access to data available around the globe.

Wikipedia out of this sea of information become the new king and aggressively conquered and spread like a wild fire...a singularity effect as it tries to travel like speed of light. Boom!

After battlefields on print and online grounds for over a decade, finally, Wikipedia and the web together got a sigh of relief as Encyclopaedia Britannica succumbed to its injuries.
+scott werle - Paper? or Pixels?- Which better serves Communication? I don't think it is a ? of moving forward or backward. It is always going to be difficult for some peeps to communicate. You could give some people ESP( telepathy) and they would still be talking in circles.

+Geert Vermeiren - On the matter of communication ... let's talk! STOP mailing colleagues only 5 cubicles away, jump up and go talk to him/her! STOP showing your digital holiday reproductions on Facebook, invite your friends for that holiday and share an experience of a lifetime ...

+Ivan Kostadinov - It should depend on the environment and the intent. For example if you try to put some art work of yours on a mountain,so that it can be visible from the ISS (the Space Station), what will be the best - using some projector or painting the mountain itself. :) Quality depend on us - it doesn`t matter what kind of media we choose.

+Rick Gould - Love the photo. In person is the best communication, then video with sound, then photo, then words. We are moving forwards when we can appreciate the beauty of your photograph that we couldn't years ago.

+Paul Tran - All depend what u try to show us...
some latest camera does an Excellent job.
In paper, your pro level printer will match what you want to see.

+Tze Tuo Cheung Vivas - Great picture and concept behind this. I think most things can be moved into pixels for now. There are some exceptions that would be more personal notes/letters. Some thoughts are still better on paper.

+Geert Vermeiren - Hmm.. paper or pixels? Let's make it a bit broader... analog vs. digital :-) About a year ago I switched from old school analog cable TV to (drum roll) "Digital TV". Since that day I have been humongously annoyed by the compression artifacts (blobs, blotches, blocks, etc...) showing up in the daily slush pouring from my HD flat Bravissimo... I'm seriously contemplating ditching one-way media distribution completely.
On the other hand, if resolution, skillz and toolz find a delicate balance in the digital world, miracles can be coerced. ;-)

+j. r. messias - Paper? thousand of years! Pixels? only god, allah etc knows...

+Gary Sandberg - We are going backwards....the time and care it took to make a book combined with the expense to buy one made it valuable. Pixels come and go by the Gigas-takes little to create them, delete keys to remove them....we have days and pages of files we never have the time to look at-even 'good stuff' is lost in the massiveness.

+fabio flaminio - there is no content in a pixel. is the frame of the picture, but is not palpable. in the paper, whether in liquid you feel, then the feelings.

+Brandon McWilliams - If they started leaving the iPad version of the Gideon Bible in hotel rooms, there'd be far fewer of them left in the morning.Photo: troublePhoto: flower faucetPhoto: #g+dcphotowalk

share your photos
from the photowalk here goo.gl/gDjAg !:)

thanks to everyone for coming!
it was fun seeing you all! :)
special thanks to +Alan Johnson +Lucy Chien !

DC photowalk
hosted by +shirley lo and +Charles Lu 

photo © +Alan Johnson 

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