19 Photos - Feb 23, 2009
Photo: Photo: The full spread of our Oscar party (tenth anniversary of said party!).Photo: Here's the Dune cake getting ready to be presented.  This is more accurate to the colors than the later photos with a flash (those make them look rather more lurid than it really was.)  Also, just so you know, the figures were all made out of fondant, while everything else was pretty much buttercream frosting.  And way tastier than fondant.Photo: The Fremen rider (who I thought of as Paul).  Note the thumper in the foreground.  The cake was (of course) a spice cake, with buttercream frosting.Photo: A close up of Paul -- I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but I got a great kick out of using blue sprinkles (the sparkly kind) for the eyes.  How else would the Fremen have awesome blue eyes?Photo: A bit blurry, but this is a close up of the Fremen on the rock.  I think of that lady in the foreground as Jessica, and the wee person behind her with the brown as maybe Alia?  Creepy little child that she was.Photo: A more complete photo.  The maw of the worm!Photo: Kind of a bright photo, but I did want to point out the "spice" on the worm -- which was, of course, cinnamon.Photo: The Fremen, and thumper in the foreground.  I do like how the licorice rock promontory came out too.Photo: I had black frosting and cake bits left over, so I made this Harvester.  Because yes, I am that big of a geek.Photo: Cake construction: here is me figuring out just how to get this worm together with the cake bits I had at my disposal.Photo: Cake construction: the basic frosting layer.  It was a bit goopy, so I had to go over it again with thicker, less crazy orange frosting.Photo: Cake constructun: The worm's mouth.  Fondant was used for the jaws to make them look sharp, but that is essentially all cake.Photo: Had fun adding in the teeth (thought they're not too terribly blade-like, but you try making blade teeth out of fondant.)Photo: Just another view of the mouth, etc.Photo: Cake construction: Testing out the cinnamon sugar and sprinkle combo, plus then deciding the rock needed to be more obviously a rock.  I like how it looks like the Fremen are just hanging out back there, looking on curiously.  And one of them appears to be passed out drunk. ;)Photo: Close up of the Paul figure.  These guys were all make out of fondant.  The brown guy in the back was me testing how this might all work.  And for the record, I do realize the all look a bit like a cross between Lawrence of Arabia and Dune, but...legs are tough with fondant when your figures are only an inch or so high.Photo: A bit more detail of the figures, a bit clearer.  See the glowing eyes!Photo: Cake bits.  Many of these got used in the Harvester.