29 Photos - Jan 7, 2015
Photo: In February, 2014, Ah Mou came to this partyPhoto: In June 2014, Ah Mou took a trip to SanFrancisco to visit this  school in San Francisco's ChinatownPhoto: Went to a Hong Kong bakeryPhoto: Every thing there looks Hong KongPhoto: Had dinner here. This restaurant is Empress of China in San Francisco's Chinatown. Just closed it's door on 12/31/14 after 50 years in business.Photo: Empress of China's lobby.Photo: Memories of old Hong KongPhoto: A taste of San Francisco's Old Hong KongPhoto: Hong Kong cafe in ChinatownPhoto: Still part of ChinatownPhoto: Hong Kong  barber shopPhoto: Street of ChinatownPhoto: Ah Mou & Steve Chan met up for lunch at Hong Kong East OceanPhoto: Ah Mou and wife Carolyn met up with Dominic Ho, wife & daughter KatherinePhoto: Dinner at the Fisherman WharfPhoto: Ah Mou wrote a letter to classmates after his trip to San Francisco in June 2014Photo: Kow towPhoto: Then in August 2014, Ah Mou took a trip to LA's ChinatownPhoto: China in LA 1Photo: China in LA 2Photo: China in LA 3Photo: China in LA 4Photo: China in LA 5Photo: Lunch at Lunasia in Alhambra. Felix & Anna Leung, Abe & Lucy Cheng, Ah Mou & Carolyn, Sang Jig & Jane, Mike Ngan & Jeannie in August 2014Photo: Meeting up with George & Amy Chok, August, 2014Photo: August, 2014, at a nephew's wedding in LAPhoto: Skipped toll in Los Angeles  in August 2014. Received this in the mail in NJ in Oct 2014.  Postage was 49 cents to send this 45 cents toll ticket.Photo: Back to LA in Jan 2015. Lunch at Lunasia in Alhambra. Ngan Liu, San Jig, Felix Leung, Abe Cheng, Ah Mou & their spousesPhoto: In front of Lunasia.  Ngan Liu & Jeannie, San Jig & Jane, Ah Mou & Carolyn & daughter Erin, Felix & Anna, Abe & Lucy