14 Photos - Jul 15, 2013
Photo: After a long hard day at work, here in New York CityPhoto: Ah Mou and wife Carolyn had dinner here. And he decided to travel up north all the way to Toronto to visit classmates, many of whom he hasn't seen since he paid them a visit in 2007Photo: So they hopped into this car, a 1970 Olds 442
 (4 barrel, 4 on the floor, dual exhaust)
and up to Canada they went, on July 3, 2013Photo: This is not Toronto, it is Hong KongPhoto: Not Toronto,. It is Hong KongPhoto: This is not Hong Kong. It is Toronto.Photo: And here we are, in Markham, a suburb of Toronto. The restaurant is called
Big MOU th. We had a 10 lb lobster here that night.
From left to right: Francis the White Shoe Boy, Jerry the Doctor Cheng, Ku Po aka Kung Po Chicken Kong, Kwok Lai Ah Miu, Remus the White Rabbit Tsang, Paul the Crazy Horse  Chan Ka Bun, David the Dentist Lok
The ladies from left to right are Maggie Cheng, Carolyn Miu, Jenny Tsang, Genevieve Chan, Elizabeth LokPhoto: In Big MOUth, not in Hong KongPhoto: Photo: A heritage tour in Scarborough on July 6Photo: Ah Mou & White RabbitPhoto: July 6 dinner at Sam Wo restaurant in Scarborough. Eric Ah Yin and wife Linda joined in.
Sam Wo has been in business for 23 years. Sadly it will be closed by the end of July.Photo: Early morning Hong Kong style breakfast.
Then Ah Mou and Carolyn started driving back to New Jersey.Photo: Dinner at 9 PM was at this place in Parryville, Pennsylvania. Got home by 11:45 PM that night.