61 Photos - Feb 3, 2013
Photo: Back in Hong Kong,Photo: things have changed.Photo: But not that much,Photo: in this part of town.Photo: Same old simple life,Photo: from the days when we were young.Photo: These buildings are older than we.Photo: Shopping in this store is like going back in time.Photo: Once again, we celebrated.Photo: So many of us,Photo: with Dominic & Kate,Photo: Yeung Nai Luen, Francis & Lilian Lee, Edward the Principal Woo & Kathleen.Photo: Drinking and cheering, with Ah MouPhoto: Siu Chu joined inPhoto: with Lee Hoi Yuen, Ball Chai and Ko Kwok KeungPhoto: along came Mui Lam & Landa, Anna Tsui, Tam Fat & Patti, James Wong Pui Chic & AdaPhoto: and Mrs. Ko Kwok KeungPhoto: Lam Hon Bill & Ralph Ng also joined inPhoto: Nick Tsui & Lee Hoi YuenPhoto: and Cheung Wai SunPhoto: Having a good timePhoto: Chan Pak Ling & Stella  joined in, with Wong Pui Chic & Ada, Yeung Nai Luen & Emily, Anna Tsui, Tam Fat & Patti, and Ah MouPhoto: Photo: Peter the Principal Lau joined inPhoto: Eating and drinking,Photo: Photo: wining & dining,Photo: with Lam Chai the organizerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Michael Chung & Cheung Wai SunPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We all had a great timePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: What a lovely couplePhoto: Ronald Law arrived latePhoto: An old townPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ah Mou dancing with the starsPhoto: Lunch at the Police Officer Club on Dec 6, 2012. Hung Hin Cheung & Francis Wu Yu On among the attendeesPhoto: Dinner at 東大街, Dec 6, 2012Photo: 2 months earlier, on September 21, dinner at Sunning in Causeway Bay.Photo: Cheung Wai Sun & Low Cheung, Siu Chu, Lam Chai & AH Mou at the September 21 dinnerPhoto: September 26 at the Jockey Club bar-Dominic & Kate, Siu Chu & Maureen, Dai Bum & wife, Ronald Law, Ah Mou & Carolyn. .Photo: September 24- a trip to the peakPhoto: Felix, Ronald, Nick, Ringo, Ah MouPhoto: September 28  lunch at Hang Fa Chuen in Saukiwan: Nick & Anna Tsui, Abe & Lucy  Chang , Ball Chai, Ringo Yeung, Lawrence & Emily Yeung, Dick Lau, Wong Pui Chick & Ada, Nicholas Lai, Ah MouPhoto: September 28- Drinking at the bar on Yiu Wa Street in Causeway Bay. Bar is owned by To Man’s sister.